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About Team O’clock

Team O’clock is a service offering structured meetings for retrospective and daily standup. Integrating with Slack, it offers some handy shortcuts for launching meetings and performing planning poker estimations for tasks and user stories directly through Slack channels.

Let the stand-up meeting keep your team synced. Focus on your communication and important things. Team O’clock is responsible for the facilitation using a positive tone, so your team can communicate on what needs to be complete.

Structure and consistency of the meeting. The stand-up meeting is strictly timeboxed, equally assigning time to all team members.

Notes for following up and additional syncing. Type your notes of important stuff you want to remember, Team O’clock will notify all participants

What problems does Team O’clock solve?

A meeting can easily stir away from the purpose when participants lose focus and track of time, usually ending fruitlessly. This leads to frustration as time spent was meaningless.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Teams working with or entering agile methodologies, standup

About The Founders

Mike, is actively working as a product manager on a Saas company having previous experience in frontend development and UI/UX. Nikos is also working as engineering director on a Saas company actively engaged in development.

Both have experience working on fast-paced environments and had formed a gaming startup in the past.
A countdown timer for timeboxing sessions you and your team are dedicating on a specific goal or outcome.

A tool used to measure how much time you or your team spend on a discussion, exercise (physical or not), meeting or activity.

Cross-check or groom your meetings over a list of best practices to increase the probability of a successful meeting.

Founding Date: 2018-06-01

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Estonia


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