Top 5 Post Covid-19 Marketing Trends

post covid marketing

It’s 2020 and the world has been suffering a radical change, a world pandemic came down upon the human race and changed the life of each and every single one of us.

This is a situation that most of us never thought of experiencing, we learned about similar ones throughout history and now that we are living it, it feels unreal.

However, life cannot stop and we must not stop living our own lives, there’s an urgent need to adapt and transform.

There are a lot of different fields of work that were affected and the face to face contact was limited. Nevertheless, brands and companies need to find their way to keep their business going.

The hard and raw reality is that those who don’t try to readjust to these new times will run the risk of suffering and see their business going down the drain.

The important thing here is to never give up, so today I’m here to give you some popular marketing trends that have been put into practice to help businesses keep their doors open post COVID 19. Let’s find out more about it.

Online Advertising Is the Way to Go

We have already seen advertising spread all over the streets, either is posters, big outdoors, or flyers in coffee shops. Nonetheless, this pandemic made people switch their typical hangouts with friends or walks at the end of the day, for the comfort of the sofa and home office. Maybe not by choice, but that we all must accept.

Spending more time at home means, inevitably, spending more time online, and with this, business owners are avoiding paying for outdoor advertising but instead putting their money on the online ones.

Besides that, they are easier, more attractive, and capable of reaching even more people. There’s no doubt that there’s no limit for what it’s possible to create from here, as online ads give you the opportunity to be more creative and freer of advertising what you want.

Adding to this, with good customer service online, clients feel more confident to reach out and can help you to improve your business. Sometimes, adapting can even change things for the best. Furthermore, ads are not the only way to reach success, investing in a website will also give you a good opportunity to reach more people, efficiently.

More and more users opt for making their shopping online, it’s quicker and you can make it from the comfort of your house.

Adapting your business, and putting your products or services online might seem like a huge challenge, but it’s an investment that will help you around this time, but also, when we get back to our reality, this can still be seen as a good investment and a good addition to your brand. Without a doubt, a win-win situation.

Trust Towards Clients

 trust towards clients

In a time of so much uncertainty, fear, and insecurity, people look out for safety and trust in what’s around them and everything that is consumed. Consumers are one of the most important keys to a successful business, and without them, there’s no profit.

This way, brands are putting into practice exactly what the client needs: Trust, confidence, security, and having a positive attitude during what we already know it’s a hard time.

Sometimes we forget that any service is a relationship between people and not robots, and most of the time a good human interaction is way more important.

This is not only a bond for this difficult time, but for a long-lasting connection even after all of this. This way, you have a network of faithful customers that, when in doubt, will choose your brand.

Adding to this, brands are creating the right narratives, making sure every message makes sense during the pandemic, and to avoid passing the wrong idea to your customers, you’ll have to double-check every content that leaves your company.

Each passing day, people are more afraid because there are many companies trying to use this to trick others and profit from lies and promises of fake solutions. Brands need to be honest with people and that will only help. Remember – any brand/customer relationship is founded on trust.

Quality Work and Products

There’s a high demand for quality over price. This might sound like it doesn’t make any sense since people are usually more resilient to spending money. But nowadays, people feel a great necessity of feeling good, safe, and because of this, it can be more expensive but gives them a bigger guarantee of more quality.

Just like it was mentioned before, one of the marketing trends is creating a bond between brand and client. A sense of trust, and a guarantee of loyalty are more important than ever and should never be taken for granted. One way to make this happen is through the quality of the products your brand sells.

Products that are well protected and sanitized are also a great tip. More than ever, safety is an important part of any business. As much as this doesn’t sound too relevant, it’s extremely important that your collaborators are feeling well.

That’s an essential need to make sure that all the client desires are fulfilled. A pandemic can cause a lot of complications to a person’s mental health, it’s something that sometimes is not taken very seriously, but that needs to be taken care of, as well. For your employees to give their best, they need to be at their best.

Social Media

social media

Social media is a complicated topic, there are people that love it and use it frequently and people who hate it and don’t even know much about it. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that more than ever, social media is a valuable resource to help businesses in troubling times.

These networks have an incredible advantage of reaching so many people, allowing the world to be connected. Besides that, as mentioned before, when a business is made into an online version, it opens a whole lot of doors, and since the face to face meeting was reduced, the screen became the new way of contact between business and customer.

With all of these connections, your products or services are possible for a whole new group of people, and you might have exactly what they are looking for.

Knowing how to deal with social media, you can create your content with the purpose of reaching the right crowd, and make your products reach the right customers.

Even when things get better, a lot of people won’t risk going out as much and adopt this new way as their main one. There’s not a single doubt that this investment will work even when the live shopping gets to normal.

Conventions and Conferences

There are many brands that rely on annual live events, like conventions or conferences with all the people in the same business. However, these events are all canceled and completely impossible to maintain during a time like this.

Fortunately, a lot of the major events made sure to invest all of their resources and time into turning themselves into online events.

Most of these are arranged to show the world new products or services of brands from all over the world. Making this online, the only thing lost is the live essence of these events, meeting people face to face, and being surrounded by all the creativity.

However, brands won’t give up showing off their projects. This new resource also gives the possibility of people from far away and other countries, when they don’t have the opportunity to travel, to still join and be part of the event, so for either buyers or new brands, it’s possible to reach out to even more companies.

If your business relies on these experiences, then joining as many of these events as possible, will keep the relationships strong, as well as the trust of the clients.

One Last Thought

With our world turned upside down with something new and kind of scary, it’s time to get up and face this problem with a positive attitude. There’s a new challenge that the world threw us and there’s a necessity to adapt and face it without fear.

Some markets might have more trouble adapting, but there’s a solution for everything. In the beginning, I said it’s important to adapt and those who don’t, end up losing, so take this as a message that will stay with you to motivate you at all times.

With all of these alternatives, be sure to take the ones that make more sense to your business and give you your best shot. Things will get better, life will go back to normal, and we will be able to meet once again with our loved ones, and on a professional level as well, but for now, it’s necessary to keep a positive mind and trust your work.

Don’t take your clients for granted, don’t give up on having a service of excellence, and make sure you are following all the sanitary rules, to make everyone around safe. I hope this article helped you find new alternatives and hopefully they will lead your business to success. Thank you for your time.

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