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How to start a Startup?

An idea can change the world! This adage works well with startups. If you too are keen to float a firm, think of an idea which can bring a difference to the people around. This idea should be out-of-the-box, innovative and revolutionary. How to start a Startup? Here we discuss 10 commandments ...

5 Skills & Qualities every Entrepreneur should have

Entrepreneurs are the smartest people who maintain a proper balance of conscious and the sub-conscious mind. And, It sounds amazing when you read the stories of successful entrepreneurs but it actually requires lots of hard-work and lots of ups and down phases. Even it requires skills and qualities ...

5 Things which can help your start-up in getting funding

Do you really want to showcase your potential to set-up your brand.! That's amazing to give a kick-start to your ideas, but most of the start-up lag behind due to lack of funds and things get neutralized when it comes to "FUND." 5 Things which can help your start-up in getting funding No worries ...

How to Generate Leads for your Startup like a BOSS

For a startup business, generating the qualified leads is not at all easy, yes you read that right. We are not saying that it is impossible or anything, but it is not that easy. For a startup founder(s), finding the proven ways of starting a lead generation can be a tough task. To create a ...

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