Startup Story: Neel Vyas Photography- Capturing Food, Still Life

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Today, I am excited to share Neel Vyas Photography Story.

Neel Vyas photography is a Commercial Photography Venture. The Venture believes in Recreating memories and in Inspirational Photography!

Without any further ado, let’s see what Neel vyas, Founder at Neel vyas Photography have to share with us.

Here we go:

Q1) Tell us about your startup – Neel Vyas Photograph

(When and how did you start? How did the idea come up?)

At Neel Vyas Photography, we are a little of everything – Capturing Food, Still Life and People. We believe in recreating memories and in Inspirational Photography!

A Chartered Accountant by Qualification and A Photographer by Passion, is what best describes me! A journey which started with a point and shoot camera have now transcended into an arsenal of photography equipment! In this journey of less than a year, I’ve managed to make a mark for myself and the brand with sheer passion! What distinguishes us is “No Fear of Failure”, we are happy to be Young, Novel and Different!

Each client, each product, and each brief tends to be different, the requirement for a client is a photographer who can understand and be approachable! That’s what we do best. Be Reasonable, Be Accessible!

Q2) What are the real world problems that Neel Vyas Photography is solving?

(Why do you think that now is the perfect time for your startup to exist?)

Delivering quality pictures
Being flexible
Willing to go an extra mile
Being Reasonable – Be it Cost or Expectations!

Q3) Brief about the Founding members

Neel Vyas – A 28-year-old young dynamic individual. A Chartered Accountant by profession and has been associated with elite financial institutions like IIFL, Morgan Stanley and Anand Rathi.

Q4) Is Neel Vyas Photgraphy funded?

(If Yes, then how you succeeded in getting the funding. If No, how do you run the show?)


Q5) What is the biggest challenge that you face? And, how do you plan to overcome it?

Catering to a studio set up requirements, however, this constraint is more from a product perspective doesn’t really hamper the service output. As business progresses, the next step is to invest in a studio set up

Q6) Top 3 marketing strategies that are working for you?

  • Referral Marketing
  • BTL Initiatives
  • Collaborations

Q7) What is your biggest achievement to date that you are proud of?

Having the top restaurant and hospitality brands of Mumbai on board in less than a year!
Catering to several SME’s for product and concept shoots

Q8) Where do you see your startup – Neel Vyas Photography, heading in next one year?

Managing more than 15 assignments a month. Being the go-to brand for Product Shoots!

Q9) Your favorite Quote

Live your belief, the world will turn around!

Neel Vyas Photography- Facebook Page

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