The Ultimate HR Checklist Startups Should Follow

HR Checklist Startup

Establishing a startup is a daunting challenge as you have endless tasks and to-do lists in the early phases. It is easy to go slack with your HR strategy in the rush of everyday business. Moreover, you may overlook it due to the shortage of resources in the initial stages.

But your HR department needs a robust foundation because it gets you the best employees to run your startup and push its growth. Moreover, it keeps your company organized as it scales. You may start with a small HR team, but ensure it follows an optimal process to keep your business on track. Here are the ultimate HR checklists startups should follow to get a great start. 

Create a viable organizational design

A new venture often lacks an organizational structure, leading to the risk of hiring people it does not need and missing out on essential roles. Your HR department should start by outlining a viable organizational design for your startup. List out the teams you require, the number of employees in each of them, and employee roles to run the business. Also, draw a picture for the future and use it as a roadmap for team expansion. 

Establish recruiting and onboarding procedures

Even small businesses must have a well-defined recruiting process as it entails correct hiring decisions. Define a rulebook to decide the channels to post your job ads, determine your target candidates, and pick the right fits for your company. You must have the essential paperwork ready for new hires to expedite the hiring process. Building an effective onboarding process for recruits is equally crucial as it sets them up for success from day one.

Outline regulations for compliance

Startup owners often have no HR experience, and handling the function without experts can land them in a fix due to non-compliance. You must comply with government regulations to provide a safe, healthy, and equitable work environment. Failing to follow them can lead to penalties, which can be painful for your startup. Check factors like occupational health and safety and eeo job categories to stay on the right side of federal regulations. It provides legal protection for your company and enables you to focus on growth. 

Determine optimal compensation and benefits

Another essential element of a startup’s HR checklist is compensation and benefits. It can be tricky for a new business running on tight budgets. You must ensure fair and competitive packages to secure quality talent and drive long-term retention. At the same time, you should consider your capacity to bear the cost for the long haul.

The HR department is responsible for creating an optimal pay structure that brings the best of both worlds. They must also determine benefits and incentives and implement a compliant payroll management system for the business.

Maintain employee relationships

Employees are the growth catalysts for a business. Your HR checklist should also prioritize employee relationships to get the best from your team and make people stay for the long haul. Better relationships translate into a happy workforce that contributes to and drives growth for a startup. Building them includes steps like promoting engagement, developing a training and development program, incentivizing good work, and creating plans to address issues.

Following this simple checklist can strengthen the core of your startup with an empowered HR team. They can get the best resources for your business and ensure they stay for good. 

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