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5 Benefits to Offer to Overseas Employees

In today's business climate, more and more companies are expanding their operations overseas. This can present several challenges, not the least of which is how to keep your employees engaged and motivated when they're half a world away from their homes and families. You want to make sure that ...

3 Recruitment Strategies for Start-up Law Firm in Canada

Are you considering recruiting legal professionals in your strat-up law firm in Canada? We understand that your employees will represent your firm to your clients. It is, therefore, necessary to hire the best talent in the country to provide the best legal services in town.  Lawyers in ...

The Ultimate HR Checklist Startups Should Follow

Establishing a startup is a daunting challenge as you have endless tasks and to-do lists in the early phases. It is easy to go slack with your HR strategy in the rush of everyday business. Moreover, you may overlook it due to the shortage of resources in the initial stages. But your HR ...

10 Tips For Hiring As A Startup

Hiring new employees for your startup is a huge step, not only will you now be responsible for someone else’s career, but it also shows that your company is going in the right direction. Things are going to start to move fast so we’ve put together ten top tips for hiring as a startup to help ...

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