Why 2018 is the Year of Micro-Influencers?

An embryonic trend has arrived the e-commerce marketing niche as social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

In fact, micro influencing seems to be big catchword rolling around in the advertising world this year says Neil Haboush. Regardless of your connotation with this ever-rising phenomenon, influencer advertising does not seem to go anywhere soon.

So, let’s discuss who are micro influencers? Here’s an explanation why businesses want to work with micro influencers and how to become a micro-influencer.

What is micro-influencer marketing?

It is one of the modern ways to connect brands and corporations with authentic, influential online leaders to help upsurge brand awareness. Influencer marketing is not just for million dollar brands who can afford to team up with celebrities. In fact, small and medium-size industries these days have lots of chances to corporate with experts.

Who are Micro influencers?

Micro influencers are dynamic social media users who usually have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. These individuals typically build followings around almost every niche including fashion, travel, beauty, photography etc.

They use to interact with fans and followers frequently and, as a result, micro influencers may see high engagement and dynamic spectators. Micro influencers consist of brand representatives, bloggers and simply high profile users.

With the passage of the time, these professionals have established a good network of followers that can convey their personal messages and help them getting success. By having direct engagement with followers, micro-influencers have constructed personal rapports that they use to promote sponsored content.

Want to enter rise of the micro-influencer

A Micro-Influencer is a blogger and/or Instagrammer with smaller social following than the traditional Influencer. He/ She makes money by partnering with businesses/ brands and blogging and posting on social media.

Businesses pay micro-influencers in order to post about their products, as a flat rate, along with giving them free products. Actually, these individuals constantly blogs and posts about a particular brand.

This ensures all the followers of micro-influencers have the same one interest, and therefore, they know the one thing to sell to them. For bands in the same niche, the micro-influencers audience is a goldmine.

For instance, a beauty blogger who posts regularly about beauty products will gain a following of beauty enthusiastic. These individuals partner with beauty brands that pay them to post and their followers to buy. The more niche-downed a micro-influencer is the better.

Why do brands want to work with micro influencers?

Why micro influencers

Entrepreneurs are increasing their advertising budgets like mad to include Micro-Influencers as they have a more engaged and targeted audience that converts into consumers well.

Individuals are tired of being “sold to” by big personages and promoters are taking note.

Actually, customers are more likely to purchase something that a friend, family member, and Blogger / Micro-Influencer recommend or is seen using social media. A Micro-Influencer is your cool friend or neighbor when he/she recommend a product on Instagram, you are more likely to want to try it.

What are the benefits of micro-influencers marketing?

Here are three benefits of working with micro-influencers:

  • More affordable

One of the benefits of working with Instagram influencers is to reach a huge audience through a single post. It is the easiest way to get more followers as well as raise awareness about a new product line.

However, these Instagram posts can be expensive and are not in the budget for many businesses. Here, micro-influencers advertising comes in and it is one of the best ideas to contact a micro-influencer.

Their inexpensive price makes it probable for almost any brand and even businesses with a tight marketing budget to reach a huge audience.
In fact, affordability of micro-influencers makes them popular among startups and small companies.

  • Higher engagement rates

Micro-influencer has higher engagement rates than top influencers. This is because engagement rate tends to decrease as the follower count increases.

  • Better conversion rates

The micro-influencers also have the higher power of conversion. As these individuals focus on one particular niche and topic, they establish themselves as experts in that specific area.

Hence, their references come off as reliable and credible and make them more impactful. As a result, these individuals can generate higher conversion rate for brands.

How do you become a micro influencer?

Anyone can cultivate their online persona into a corporate, but it does take some hard work and social marketing perception. Here are some things to consider:

  • The foremost thing is to have a visually appealing Instagram and well-written blog that is set up properly for monetization.
  • You must have an understanding of influencer as well as affiliate marketing as an industry.
  • It is also important to learn how to position yourself as the authority in the niche. You can join courses on influencer marketing which cover every aspect of developing your online identity into a lucrative industry.
  • It is advisable to join influencer network like helloSPON in order to get paid blogging jobs.

Can Micro-influencers work with any brand?

Yes! There are many brands increasing their marketing budget this year to work with micro-influencers in the North. Furthermore, you can work with any brand from anywhere. For instance, being a Canadian you can work with American brands as well.

It is also advisable for individuals to join affiliates program for brands that suit their niche. Regardless of the size of the business, you should start blogging about them and earning commissions.

Wrapping Up

Micro-influencers are accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. While companies do not have the budget to work with a celebrity, they can still get the advantage of working with influencers and watch the brand nurture on social media.

Micro-Influencer marketing is not going anywhere this year. Whether you are a blogger or a brand, this type of advertising and its perspective on revenue is going to become bigger than ever this year.

image Source: https://thehashtagcollective.com/micro-influencer-marketing

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