About ThePadosi

ThePadosi is SAAS enabled platform to ensure efficiency & accountability of governance. This governance might be as big as central or state government/ government departments or as small as local communities like colleges, hospitals, RWAs etc.

In India, there is a very big gap between the public and their representatives which leads to inefficiency in governance. To bridge this gap we came up with a unique mechanism where we crowdsource the problems from the impacted ones and redirect it to the concerned authorities.

ThePadosi gives public a platform where they can raise their collective voice for their societal issues. We believe that each and every voice is important and each and every person carries equal democratic rights.

When a group of people raises any issue collectively in front of the concerned authorities, it becomes a moment and hence the chances of resolution become higher.

What problems does ThePadosi solve?

  1. The gap in governance.
  2. Lack of efficiency and accountability in governance.
  3. Incumbency in governance.
  4. Odd distribution of Power.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

ThePadosi is a C2B2G platform. Our potential customers are politicians, government bodies and small institutions.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Our unique mechanism of crowd-sourcing of issues from the impacted crowd in front of the concerned authorities makes us stand out from the crowd and shout out our motto.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • 857 Politicians On boarded.
  • 342 issues resolved.
  • Impacted 1500000+ people.
  • Paying customers.
  • Supported by NITI Aayog and Government of Uttar Pradesh.

What are your future plans?

We’re looking forward to making our presence in Tier one and tier two cities of India by March 2019 and then for next 12 months our plan is to make our presence among all the netizens of India.

About The Founders

ThePadosi is a brainchild of Divakar Shukla, an electrical engineering graduate. Divakar is a socially inclined person with a problem-solving mindset. He has prior experience of running two impact ventures.

His entrepreneurial journey started as a very early age of 14 years in school, where he used to provide academic stuff to the underprivileged students and the beauty of this initiative was that the whole operation was crowd-funded.

Apart from Divakar, Richa Singh is one of the core members of ThePadosi and looks after the business development and marketing part.

Founding Date: 2016-09-26

Industry: Civic & Gov Tech

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Greater Noida


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