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Servo Labs enables developers to build sophisticated, large scale conversational projects. It comes with a visual conversation editor, dozens of ready-made modules (and conversations) to use, an automated testing system, easy object-oriented extensibility, sub-conversation support, a built-in database and most importantly, an advanced context-detection algorithm.

Developers can build multi-platform applications – one application for Alexa, Google Home, FB Messenger, Twilio and more.

An open-source, cross-platform development framework for conversations and AI, built to support large-scale projects:

  • Develop, maintain and re-use complex conversations through a visual architectural editor
  • Augment NLU classifiers with context-based understanding
  • Mix-and-manage different models from IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amazon Lex and more
  • Use a simulator and debugger to test and debug bots internally
  • Easily extend functionality with a fully open source runtime
  • Drag-and-drop modules for seamless back-end integration

What problems does Servo Labs solve?

The biggest problem in building chatbots or voice assistants is that there is no form to fill or buttons to click. The user can say anything, sometimes unrelated to the current question. A sales bot might ask the user for the size of the shoes she was looking for, and the user would respond by asking the bot if they have boots instead.

To answer that, developers needed to confine the conversation, not allowing any divergences but the pre-planned path. But that hurts the user experience immensely. Servo Labs is the only platform allowing developers to solve the biggest problem in chat- and voice- bots: how to architect bots that use contextual information to respond to unexpected user inputs.

Servo-built bots can switch between sub-dialogues, allowing users to change the conversation topic, to change their inputs and overall to give a much more human-like conversational experience.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Software developers

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Servo’s automatic context recognition engine augments all main NLU engines with an ability never achieved before, allowing developers to build future-proof large scale conversational systems

What are your future plans?

  • We have many plans for upgrades in the next versions of Servo, but the most important plan is to make a Sass, community version

About The Founders

A team of very experienced developers, eclectically experienced in gaming AI (with games done for EA, Atari and others), baby products and even in large scale enterprise projects for banks like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and others. the company is led by Lior Messinger, with designed and led several challenging and rewarding projects in the past years.

From games to video to banking web sites and more, he has extensive and multi-field experience in client-side frameworks, as well as Node.JS, C#, SQL, MongoDB, CouchDB and more. He runs a technical blog with articles and white papers and often talk in conferences and courses about architecture and developments

Founding Date: 2016-04-01

Industry: Software

Number Of Employees: 1-10



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