7 Marketing Strategies That Startups Need To Deploy In 2022

marketing strategies for startups

The role of marketing in every organization plays a critical role in 2022. With digital marketing at the forefront, we cannot afford to push these strategies to the back burner while focusing on operations. As a startup, it may be a challenge to bifurcate time and efforts towards the operational and marketing sides of the business, but it is essential if you wish to grow.

For those who are just starting as new startup owners and managers, the mistake made very often is the lack of diversified channels. For instance, startups may focus on LinkedIn and social marketing but negate conventional methods, which may lead them to lose a significant chunk of potential leads. To help you understand the options for deploying marketing strategies, we’ve prepared a list of the top 7 strategies you need to deploy in 2022.

1.Email marketing

Many people may think that nobody reads emails sent from a marketing perspective, but this is where the magic lies. Email marketing in 2022 has a new face and shape, where business owners provide valuable information that helps them convert to loyal customers. Have website visitors and interested social media followers sign up to email newsletters first. Next, send them timely and exclusive content and offer them inner circle benefits like discounts or freebies to convert them. Keep note of your email marketing metrics to see how effective they are.

2.Social media engagement

Your social media account is the largest hub of your custom audience. With billions of internet users, the sky’s the limit to your reach if you do it right. Engage with accounts, post regular and fresh content, offer to solve problems, and heavily push to maximize your visibility. The digital marketplace today offers the greatest benefits to startups from all industries, technical or otherwise.

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3.Linear TV advertising

If you think linear TVs are outdated, think again. When questions like does linear TV still matter arise, it’s a grounding fact to remember how several households across the world still religiously use this medium. This makes it a valid and relevant means for your marketing campaigns. The linear TV advertising industry is still heavily funded, which is why startups stand a good chance of gaining visibility with smart and attention-grabbing advertising strategies.

4.Sponsor events:

Speaking of gaining attention, you can do the same in public with altruistic ventures or funding activities. Sponsoring events that resonate with your brand expression can help your startup get the opportunity of a lifetime where potential investors and customers are in the same audience pool. Make sure these events are promoted heavily and have the attention of your target audience. Sponsored events can create goodwill and audience curiosity, which is why you need to complete putting up your brand expression before participating in this marketing strategy.

5.Content marketing:

The power of good content is always going to grab eyeballs and attention. Most internet users look for well-articulated answers and thought leadership to help them understand current trends. If you don’t already have a team that pushes helpful content in blogs, pillar posts, guest posting, or video formats, make sure to get started on a CMS and content calendar as soon as possible. It also allows you to gain more site traffic through link-building activities.

6.Live chat conversion:

Live chats are today’s quickest lead conversion tools on the website. Your customer service team’s interpersonal communication skills and subject-matter expertise can get them to convince a visitor to buy a product or service. Moreover, providing a quick response time can help retain existing customers, turning them into raving fans.

7.Visit networking events

One of the best ways to market your products as a technology startup is to participate in networking events. Sign up for expos and trade shows to showcase your company’s services and products. Learning the art of business networking before participating in such events will give you a competitive edge, bringing you new contacts. Business networking offers great opportunities to find investors, buyers, and collaborators under the same roof.

Final Words

Deploying the right marketing strategies that fit the growth goals of your startup can be an absolute game-changer for your business. However, as a team, marketing is equal parts to planning, deploying, and assessing. Make sure that you regroup regularly to check up on the best key performance indicators to ensure that your strategy is going per the plan. These metrics will also show you what to do more and which places to withdraw your focus on. We hope this blog brings you the necessary information to ensure that your marketing channels are diversified!

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