About Getscope

Getscope is a visual intuitive lightweight project management tool. As a startup, you sometimes are not able to choose the right project method. Within Getscope you don’t have to choose, because you have the possibility to use different project methodologies such as Waterfall, Kanban or Scrum.

By adding functionalities such as time registration, planning and reporting we give you a 360-degree project management tool for every kind of project and for every type of company.

Is meant for everyone involved in projects, either simple or complex. Getscope fits you – whether you’re a freelancer, a marketing manager or budget owner of a project. Getscope enables you to stay in control, track progress and most important of all: keep your customers informed.


Is to make project management more visible and give you a better experience. You’ll save more time, stay cool and keep track of your progress.

What problems does Getscope solve?

  • The problem of having no project overview.
  • The problem of team members who have no focus.
  • The problem of not having project insights as budget, resources and status.
  • The problem of no current insight into the number of hours spent by your team members on their project activities.
  • The problem of a high level of ad hoc activities.
  • The problem of high costs for the purchase of a project management tool, and the installation and understanding of it.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

  • Marketers
  • Publishers
  • Startups
  • Contractors/ freelancers, Agencies.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • The most important milestones/achievements are that we have officially gone live for a month and have quickly built up a nice user base with paying users and also receive positive feedback from these users.

What are your future plans?

We have built up a reasonable user group in Europe, but especially in strongly it-oriented countries such as America where Agile is part of the development process, it is interesting to see if we can work together with strong business partners. We want to focus on these countries this year.

The market for project management tools will only increase in the upcoming years. I think it can be very interesting for example for startups in USA, who want to develop a product or service but have a small budget to use a tool such as Getscope Small costs, all the functionalities they need and of course with a nice interface.

About The Founders

Guido Schilperoort studied business informatics in Utrecht (The Netherlands). After his study, he starts working as a project manager. Besides his work as a project manager, he also begin to work in the field of entrepreneurship and started three ventures and was an owner of various webshops.

For the past 11 years, he worked as an independent project Manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner with considerable experience in managing and coordinating various large projects in small and large organizations based on Agile / Scrum project methodic, and acting both as a client and an external consultant.

It surprised him that a big part of these organisations almost unanimously struggled with the search for a project management tool that satisfies their needs. In practice that meant working with 3 of 4 different tools to carry out the work as a project manager.

With this situatie in mind, he started GETSCOPE. A project management tool in which these two worlds can work side by side. a tool that can grow along with the process and maturity of a company.

Founding Date: 2017-01-11

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Amsterdam,Netherlands


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Netherlands Office

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1012 SG Amsterdam


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