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Every day, AllAuthor simplifies the life of authors by providing services that drastically reduces the time and energy an author spends for promoting one’s books. We help authors with personal branding, the creation of engaging content, and automation of social media promotion. Ultimately, the author can focus more on what they love – writing.

There are two kinds of users in AllAuthor: Authors and Readers. All memberships for readers are completely free while there are two memberships available for authors: free and paid membership.

With the free membership, authors can test the tools and get a hang of it and then opt for paid membership. Every author, irrespective of whether a free member or a paid member, who signs up with AllAuthor gets an Author Website made for them with AllAuthor where they can include their bio, their books with the buy links and their social media handles and website or blog. Many of our authors have started using it as their Author Portfolio to showcase their books.

Our promotional tools and services help authors to promote their books with minimum efforts from their side. The authors have the control over what they promote but do not need to spend much time on it.

A majority of the promotional tools focuses on helping authors to create interesting content for social media promotions and email promotions. All of these features take no more than 2 minutes to create once the author has set up their profile.

Some of the book promotional services and tools provided by AllAuthor include Review GIF Maker, Book Mockup Banners and videos, Tweet Scheduler, Seasonal Banners, Social Media Feed, Book Promotions on Twitter, Author Interviews, Book Teasers, etc.

On the readers front, we have a separate section of e-book deals where authors can list their free e-books, e-books that come under Kindle Unlimited and books as low as $0.99 with direct buy links to Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook and Google Play.

What problems does AllAuthor solve?

Though there are a lot of books on the market, only a few see the light of the day. Many of the great works don’t get the promotions it deserves either due to a lack of knowledge of promotional activities or the lack of time on the author’s part, or financial reasons due to which the author can’t hire a pricey PR firm.

With AllAuthor, we make a common ground wherein authors do not need to spend huge bucks on their promotions. They can handle their promotions by themselves if they want to, but they do not need to have any technical knowledge to work with our services. They can spend a maximum of just 45 minutes to an hour every week on their book promotions which is enough to increase their book’s exposure and make their online presence felt.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Our Product is for authors and readers.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We are first of its kind product which not only provides authors with a platform for book promotions and utility tools, but we also focus on saving time for an author so that they could concentrate on writing.

We realized that even after providing utility tools for authors to create engaging content, the biggest challenge for the authors is for the effective utilization in allocating time to use those tools.

So we introduced automation tools by which we provide engaging promotional content delivered directly to the author’s inbox via email. This makes sure the authors do not even need to visit the website and use the timely promotional content to schedule engaging promotional themes easily.

What are your future plans?

  • We have already released Android application and have iOS application lined up for release.
  • We also have some innovative tools under development which further simplifies the promotions and we have a few ideas lined up to increase the exposure for our authors.
  • By 2020, we have the plan to bring 30K international authors on board with AllAuthor, expand our team to 20 employees and achieve a revenue of $1M a year.

About The Founders

Naveen Joshi and Madhuker Joshi are the founders of AllAuthor.

Naveen Joshi completed his B.Tech in computer science in 2015 and has 10 years of experience in technology.
Madhukar completed his Masters in Economics and has10 years of experience in Accounting and Team Management.

Naveen Joshi was freelancing as a web developer and that’s when he got a project from an author related to her website development and online book promotions. She was so happy with the results that she referred him to her other author friends for the same work and that’s when he realized that the author community has the same requirement related to their book promotions and website. This led to the spark of an idea to develop a dedicated platform for authors which help them in book promotions.

Thus, we started working on our next idea focus on authors, readers and book promotion.

So when he developed the first beta version of the website, he discussed the idea and future plans with some authors to understand the difficulties they face. Most of them told that the e-book promotions are the most challenging part and he could immediately see that it was an area which he can solve with the technology.

With their suggestions, we came up with an affordable paid feature that just takes a few minutes of the authors’ time while giving them a major advantage and a head start with the promotions. They instantly joined and paid for the subscription and were quite satisfied with it. That was our first MVP and market validation and that was when we realized the true potential and need of this author community for easy book promotions.

Founding Date: 2016-06-06

Industry: Book Promotions

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: India


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