Why Video Marketing Is Important For A Startup Business

why video marketing important

Long story cut short, video is not a new concept in the market. It has been revolving around all kinds of businesses for decades. After all, a video introduces a product or service to the world like no other marketing strategy. Today, it has become imperative for the success of any marketing campaign out there. Seldom will you come across a business that doesn’t use video marketing? Even more so when a startup is concerned. Since they have small budgets, gaining a large audience in a single go is one of their major goals. In this feature, we will discuss the top reasons why video marketing is essential for a startup business. Continue reading till the end:

Consumer Preference

You will be surprised to know that within 30 days, producers can easily upload more evident content that was produced in the last 3 decades. Now that around 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, it is crucial for makers to come up with something intriguing for the audience. It is no secret that videos have become a popular content form for the audience. However, the type of video will have an impact on the consumer’s mind. Once prepared, using a video editor to curate them will provide a stunning visual to the customers.

Increased Brand Awareness

The startup videos and tutorials can be helpful in improving the customer’s understanding of your product or service. Secondly, when video testimonials are added on the web, they can quickly grab the customer’s attention and cement a strong reputation of your brand in the customer’s minds. According to recent research, 65% of the consumers will remember the visuals of your videos even 3 days after they watched them. Therefore, if you continue to provide them with interesting visuals, they will most likely shop for you.

Video Marketing is Inexpensive

Contrary to the popular belief, video marketing is highly inexpensive. Bear in mind, online videos are viewed across the globe due to the massive evolution of technology.  Now that everyone has a smartphone in their hands, they have access to every part of the video content. Moreover, video marketing is highly convincing as compared to a salesperson visiting somebody’s door. As compared to conventional marketing techniques such as radio, pamphlets, TV advertisements, and a lot more.

Competitive Advantage

Simply put, the majority of businesses out there are reliant on video marketing. Around 87% of marketers will use video in their marketing campaigns. Secondly, since video marketing is not only limited to customers, a startup can highly benefit from them. Regardless of the business type, chances are that competitors are already using what you have to show. Startups must acknowledge the benefits of video marketing if they want to thrive in the long run.

Better SEO

Not to forget, Google’s algorithm is taking many changes on a daily basis. If a user spends a lot of time on your website, the search engine rankings will improve. Secondly, the better the SEO, the more beneficial it will be for the business to expand its horizons.

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