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About Brain Inventory

Brain Inventory is a culture-rich software development company that deals in web and mobile app development for customers across the globe. With offices in India, Jordan, UK, and Canada, we are proud to be expanding each fraction of a second.

We are glad to be able to cover Custom web development, Blockchain development, NFT development, and mobile app development as our forte.Angular JS is structural framework of JavaScript from AngularJS we started to use data binding and sharing between different pages effectively, we get flexibility to customize the features which are provided by Angular JS like directives, controllers, views as it follows MVC model this all ultimately helps us in reducing the repetitive code, create dynamic and efficient websites.

What problems does Brain Inventory solve?

When talking about developing portals using Angular JS it has many advantages because it helps us to create portals which are scalable and optimised in comparison to the way static websites which we used to build before Angular JS came, we now do the DOM manipulations, form validations, API calls with a minimal code and in reusable manner.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

SPA which is state of the art in the field of website development, earlier we used to click on the hyperlinks and wait for the page to redirect and load but now in modern websites which are build as SPAs will not make you feel like website is loading or we are redirecting to other pages.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Angular was introduced by Google and every year it releases two version of angular which means we are having quite a good support from the community now to support us to bring new features to develop website in more efficient ways, many of the large-scale websites have been developed in Angular.

What are your future plans?

.UI and UX are important part of the website development lifecycle process it helps in getting the visualisation appear on the screens. User Interface is all about the how the website is going to look like with all the themes, colours, images and positioning of the contents and User Experience is about the working of the website with UI.

About The Founders

It is the place where front-end and back-end does the communication, where front-end requests something and back-end gives the response, also saves the data in database and allows us to see the data on the websites.Are you considering using AngularJS? Then you’ll definitely want to hire experts, right? Before you go ahead and do that, make sure you’re well-informed about the development of AngularJS.

AngularJS is famous for its faster development and standout characteristics, such as flexibility, routing, form validation, filters, data binding, and more – all helping to ensure a top-notch operation.

AngularJS developers can craft highly interactive user interface that keeps customers engaged and makes their experience enjoyable, ensuring they return.

Rehiring AngularJS developers for your app development is a great idea due to the benefit of code re-usability. Not only does this help developers, but mobile app owners too. The code can be reused for the same app or stored for future use, saving the developers time and money when creating any other apps in the future. Code re-usability significantly reduces both development cost and time.

Founding Date: 2013-09-09

Industry: LAMP Development

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Seattle, WA  98101USA




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Seattle, WA  98101USA

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