About Bizcompass

Bizcompass is an all-in-one Business Process Automation Software for the IT industry. With a comprehensive set of tools, we enable you to smartly automate, customize and streamline various processes of your company. Bizcompass looks after every aspect of your organization & allows you to focus on doing what you do best – running your business successfully.

Right from recruitment to people management to finance matters, our Business Process Automation software minimizes manual intervention to make things easy & boost overall efficiency for your organization. Maximize project efficiency, automate recurring tasks & improve productivity. Start today to experience the difference!

What problems does Bizcompass solve?

Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll, Project, Finance, People, API,

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

IT Industry

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We provide the solutions to all the problems in the IT Industry

What are your future plans?

We aim to be a highly regarded automation software provider, delivering practical & superior solutions. We take pride in tackling the most challenging problems with relentless innovation & constant improvement. We are committed to delivering the finest solutions to address the evolving needs of our clients & the world at large.

About The Founders

Over the past Ten years, our CEO, Chirag Gadhiya, received multiple complaints about operation-centric issues that were similar in nature. He realized that something wasn’t adding up. This set him on a search for the root cause of the problem. Since that day, he has been on a mission to revolutionize the automation solutions landscape.

Through extensive market research & firsthand experiences, he identified the common challenges faced by IT companies in their daily operations. In early 2020, we took a deep dive into these issues & worked on identifying the major challenges faced by IT companies in running day-to-day operations. Moreover, we worked on specifying every departmental user’s latent needs to build an innovative system to enhance business operations.

With a clear understanding of our users’ problems, requirements & passive demands, we embarked on a journey to minimize manual interventions and automate routine tasks. This vision gave birth to Bizcompass, an industry-leading solution that simplifies complexities and exceeds all expectations when it comes to handling Business operations for the IT Industry.

In an increasingly complex world, Bizcompass helps organize projects, automate repetitive tasks, improve workforce productivity, and manage all business processes through a centralized platform. Our sole purpose is to offer a complete business automation solution that fosters efficiency & cultivates a valued work culture for any organization.

Founding Date: 2022-08-24

Industry: SaaS Software

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Surat, Gujarat – India




Contact Number:+91 63519 06435

Surat Office

Surat, Gujarat

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