3 Recruitment Strategies for Start-up Law Firm in Canada

Recruitment Strategies for Start-up Law Firm in Canada

Are you considering recruiting legal professionals in your strat-up law firm in Canada? We understand that your employees will represent your firm to your clients. It is, therefore, necessary to hire the best talent in the country to provide the best legal services in town. 

Lawyers in Canada are now looking to start their law business in Irvine because it offers a business-friendly environment. You may choose the right place for your business; however, selecting the right candidate requires you to build robust strategies. We mention some recruitment strategies in this article to help you get the correct employee for your firm on board. 

A sound job description is critical.

No candidate would come in for interviews if they do not have clear information about the job role. Your job description must contain all the responsibilities the candidate will be handling, place of work, required qualifications, and other specifications. For instance, lawyers choosing Irvine as their home place will look for Irvine-specific jobs. So, if you have a job vacancy in the same position, you can get hold of the right candidate. However, if you do not mention the palace, the lawyer may or may not contact you; it will be a waste of effort and time for both parties. 

Increase your Candidate pool 

One of the best recruitment strategies includes increasing your candidate pool. You must use different mediums to source the right applicant for your firm. You may waste time and money if you are unaware of the proper techniques. To get through the appropriate screening process, you can use the following ways: 

  • Use Linkedin: Post your requirements on the professional platform to build strong connections. It is also a great way to market your firm. Applicants are looking for jobs on this platform. So, you may get the right person here. Besides, you can increase the data by getting references from your connections. It is one of the best methods to increase the applicant pool. 
  • Visit universities: Colleges and universities are a pool of applicants. Each law firm sets up a team of recruiters to visit the leading colleges and find the right applicant for their firm. 
  • Ask for references: You can contact your previous interns for contacts to fill the vacancies. Providing internship programs is a great way to analyze the applicant before investing your resources in them. 
  • Use social media to your benefit: Apart from LinkedIn, other social media channels such as youtube, Instagram, and Facebook can be a bountiful resource for you. Besides, tapping on less formal platforms helps target more people.

Offer a competitive package.

There is no end to the employee and employer pool. The aspirants speak with different firms and compare their working culture and the remuneration package. The training and experience story is too old for the candidates to buy now. You have to offer them the right price for their hard work and the role. Look for the information on the salary packages of your competitors and if not more, try to match the bar. 

Final words

Looking at the job requirements in the country, employers may feel that it is easier to fill the vacancy. However, following the proper recruitment process will help you hire the best applicant for your company. We hope these tips help you in commencing your firm with the right set of people. 

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