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Digital Marketing has evolved a lot since the rise of eCommerce. B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) retailers are always looking to promote their products and services. Placing Ads on various platforms and websites is an effective way to promote business on the web.

There are certain pricing models for advertisements on the internet. CPC is one of these pricing models. This is one of the advertising metrics used to figure out the amount to be paid for a digital marketing campaign. The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click.

CPC, in terms of digital marketing, means the amount paid every time a user clicks on an ad. It is mostly determined by advertisers. The price usually depends on what is being advertised. CPC is probably the most used pricing model in digital marketing.

CPC rates also vary for different countries and businesses. The businesses with the highest CPC rates include Law, Automobile, Health, and Real Estate. Google AdSense uses this metric for advertisement campaigns.

In this article we will discuss the working of Google AdSense, some important tips to increase Google AdSense CPC and methods to calculate CPC. All of the above-mentioned topics are discussed below:

Working of Google AdSense

AdSense id Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement program ran by Google. A publisher or blogger will be paid if any visitor on his website clicks the ad shown on the website. The earning as a result of a click is called cost per click or CPC. As stated earlier, CPC may vary accordingly with different advisors.

Advertisers use Google AdWords to place their ads for advertisement. Google AdSense posts this ad on various publisher websites. The ads to be placed on a website decide the earning of website owners.

If your website shows an ad which doesn’t pay much to Google AdSense, it is obvious that blogger or website owners would earn less.

Getting high payments through Google AdSense CPC is possible if Google places high CPC ads on a website. Google observes a website thoroughly before placing any ads through AdSense on the website.

Google checks the quality of content, content relevancy, the value of page (also Includes Page authority and Domain authority), and high CPC keywords.

There are some methods to get high payment through Google AdSense which will be discussed in the next section of this article.

Tips to increase Google AdSense CPC

These tips are really important for those who are looking to monetize their content on a blog or a website with the help of Google AdSense. These tips are discussed in details below:

Create Quality Content with Focused Niche

If you are looking to earn plenty of money through your blog site with the help of Google AdSense then you have to create quality content.

The quality of content is what gives your website a good Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA). If your content is capable of gathering visitors to your website then AdSense would definitely reward you with higher CPC ads.

In addition to quality content, a focused niche is also necessary. If your website contains multiple pages with content about various topics then it would confuse the Google AdSense regarding the category of ads.

This would ultimately result in irrelevant ads which would decrease your website’s overall earning through Google AdSense.

After all, everything is dependent upon the quality of content and niche on the website, don’t try to cover various niches in order to earn some extra bucks.

It would be harmful to your overall earning. Quality content and focused niche would get you high CPC for high priced advertisements.

Make Proper Use of Ad Blocks

It’s very simple. Google AdSense allows you to use 3 ad blocks on a page of the website. Try to use these ad blocks in a bigger size. The bigger size of ad blocks increases the chances of click and bigger ad space as well. Doing this would help you in earning a good amount of money.

Remember, don’t try to stuff your page with ads if your content is really short. You should also place the ad blocks on your site tactically to get better attention from visitors.

If you have a long article than you should make use of all the 3 ad blocks you are allowed for. If you have a short article then you should use 2 ad blocks or even 1 block to balance the page.

Targeted Country

One of the most critical factors which could help in increasing CPC is the geographical location or country you are targeting through your content. Some high CPC rate countries are USA, Canada, and European countries.

Always try to write your content for audiences with English speaking countries. For example, if a visitor from the USA clicks on the ad posted on your website then you can get up to 3$ for that click. So always keep in mind about the country you are targeting while tailoring your blog.

Calculation of CPC

CPC is calculated through a formula defined by digital marketers. The simple formula to calculate CPC is given below:
CPC= (Total cost to an advertiser / total number of clicks)

So, CPC is simply calculated by dividing the total amount paid by the advertiser with a total number of clicks on the ad. If you don’t have much time to calculate this than you can get the calculations done with the help of a CPC calculator.

There are plenty of free CPC calculators available online. An efficient CPC calculator to calculate CPC is available on the Prepostseo website. You can use this calculator by accessing the link https://www.Prepostseo.com/calc/cpc-calculator through the web. This calculator can calculate the total amount of advertisement, number of clicks, and CPC.

All you have to do is to input the known values and it will calculate the unknown one. The Prepostseo CPC calculator also calculates other factors in addition to CPC.

You can calculate CPC if you know the total advertisement amount and number of clicks. Similarly, you can also calculate the Total advertisement amount if CPC and the number of clicks are known. This is how you can easily calculate CPC and relevant figures.


CPC is one of the digital advertisement metrics. It is also the most used pricing for digital advertisement. Google AdSense also uses this pricing model. You can increase the CPC for your website by following some simple tips. Calculation of CPC can be done with the help of any CPC calculator available online.

Quality content and focused niche are the keys to high CPC rates. Good luck!

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