Cold Calling Tactics Startup Entrepreneurs Can Rely On

Cold Calling Tactics

Cold calling is a valuable strategy for new businesses to spread the word and capture leads. Although it is more like a hit and trial, it is perhaps the only way to go when starting from scratch. But calling people randomly and getting a poor response can be frustrating for a sales team. It can lower the morale of your employees and lead to a waste of already scarce resources. The best way to address the concern is to fine-tune your strategy to improve the success rates. Let us share some surefire cold calling tactics startup entrepreneurs can rely on. 

Think beyond scripts

Most companies have a tried-and-tested cold-calling sales script for their team, but startups begin with a clean slate. Consider it a pro instead of a con because a word-for-word script may actually leave you sounding stiff. Conversely, talking to a prospect without a script makes the conversation more natural and intuitive. You even have a chance to strike the right chord and get a quality lead. Using a loose outline to guide sales calls is a good option if you want something to start with. 

Avoid pushing sales right away

Although you will be eager to get off the mark with startup sales, avoid pushing the prospect at the first interaction. Follow the primary goal of creating contact and learning about their needs. It enables you to build a connection with the prospect and strengthen it in the subsequent calls. You can seal the deal within a few calls, and even better, create a long-term relationship with the customer. 

Partner with a pro

As a startup owner, you have endless to-do lists and tight budgets, so staying afloat is challenging. Experts recommend partnering with a pro to outsource Cold Calling Services instead of hiring a team to handle the process. Outsourcing has a dual benefit as it lets you achieve your lead generation targets and cut costs of hiring, training, and retaining an in-house team. Moreover, these experts have valuable experience that makes them great at the job.

Time your calls well

A robust cold calling plan goes beyond engaging the prospects with relevant conversations. It is also about timing the calls well so that the recipient is willing to listen and talk. You cannot expect a business leader to attend to your call in the middle of a busy workday. Likewise, you can find the industry-specific sweet spot to improve the chances of lead closure. For example, connecting near the end of the client’s fiscal year is a good option when selling financial products or services.

Have a follow-up plan in place

A cold call may go well, but you cannot expect it to yield a conversion because prospects tend to forget about it sooner than later. But having a follow-up plan gives you better chances to close the deal. You can schedule subsequent calls, send follow-up emails, and reconnect on social media platforms to stay in touch with the prospect. Be proactive and persuasive without pressing too hard.

Cold calling is vital to push your startup sales and maintain momentum. But you must have a robust strategy to get results from your efforts. These tips can help you set the pace and maintain it down the line. 

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