What Are the Benefits of Digital Shelf Price Tags?

Digital Shelf Price Tags

The new technological advancements have changed the way businesses think. It has forced business managers to find ways of boosting sales, improving customer experience, and providing a better environment for employees. The introduction of digital price tags has made it easy for retail stores to adjust prices and reduce the risk of low on-shelf availability. It has also allowed retail businesses to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Therefore, shelf price tags do more than adjust prices. Here are more benefits.

Customer Satisfaction and Experience

According to research, low-on-shelf availability leads to consumer walkouts. Stores need to ensure consumer satisfaction and improve their shopping experience. Boosting customer experience is one advantage of electronic price tags. Consumers can see details of the products they want, their origins, and prices and quickly identify promotional items. Shelf labeling saves time and improves customer experience when searching for product details or identifying products under promotion.

In-store Display in Real Time

Apart from helping consumers get reliable details, the real-time display also helps store managers to make the necessary changes. It allows real-time price changes and the addition of items on shelves. This guarantees improved customer satisfaction when accurate prices and items are available on the shelves. It also facilitates compliance with price accuracy and labeling rules depending on the products offered. The prices can be automatically updated, a convenient way of reducing consumer compensation.


Digital price tags offer ease of traceability of items. The tags give consumers access to these details, whether managing rental or re-commerce items. The information displayed on the tags includes the origin of products, sell-by dates, rental conditions, weight and size details, condition of the item, and others. This makes it easy for a consumer to trace their products. A store should have shelf price tags from SES-imagotag.com for easy traceability for consumers and in-store employees.

Perishable Management

When items have short expiry dates, they must be sold quickly. It is not easy to identify expiry dates with a large inventory. However, digital price tags make the job easier. It helps consumers identify the dates and allows store managers to offer discounts on items with close expiry dates. The manager can, for instance, automate a 50% discount on items two days to their expiry date.

Inventory Management

The best thing about digital price tags is improving inventory management. The digital system alerts when items are running low, allowing the store to re-stock on time. It also shows the customers the amount of stock remaining even when there are few items on the shelves. Therefore, it helps in inventory management and real-time display of stock.

Display Promotions

Controlling prices is one of the most challenging tasks in a retail store. Products must be priced based on the season, discounts, stock clearance, and promotions, which takes a lot of effort and creates room for errors when done manually. The best thing about electronic shelf price tags is that they display promotions in real-time and can let consumers know the percentage they are saving on discounted products.


Digital shelf price tags offer more advantages beyond the ease of price adjustment. They offer benefits to both store managers and consumers, as discussed above. These are enough reasons to go for digital price tags.

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