About Vicilook

Vicilook is the first ‘Socio-Geo-Directory’ platform in the world that helps people search, find and connect with various important things (i.e. Professional Freelancers, Businesses, Important Places, Products, Events, Community Forums, Community Local News, Organisations, Corporate and Personal Activities) within a given vicinity, locally or globally.

It is like a directory of important and interesting things in a given geographical location, which you can connect socially with and as well as get updates from those things.

It’s Aim:

It helps you find and connect to important and interesting things in a geographical location, integrates the society (Town, State, Country) of that location with the people living in that area and finally strengthens and builds that specific society via easy access to various forms and classes of information that is vital for the well being of that society, in that given geolocation.

Vicilook also helps you solve the problem of having to acquire an expensive website of your own, because it serves your Organisation or Project more than a website does, because of the fact that Vicilook provides you with every tool and even more than a website will provide you with.

The most beautiful part is that it is easier, faster and more efficient to set up and manage by you.

It has a powerful function called the Vicilook Locator, which helps to display all your business or organizations branches all over the world on a single page, helping people see all the locations of your biz or org as well as helping them find the closest one to them with just a click.

What problems does Vicilook solve?

  • Vicilook connects people at a grassroots level and geographically.
  • It helps people find or make what they do visible to people in their immediate community and beyond.
  • It helps connect communities via sharing of information and data.
  • This economically strengthens communities and in general, improves the status of the community via the sharing of info and other important things.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

It’s for everyone in a community.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We are helping communities connect at grassroots levels.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • Vicilook has been able to cover various communities via networking at grass root levels.
  • Vicilook has been able to partner with various federal and state parastatals to bring vital info to the grassroots level of various communities.

What are your future plans?

  • To make Vicilook a true and great connector of people and communities, in all ramifications.
  • To make Vicilook number 1 source for any true and reliable source of grassroots info, data, and access in the world.

About The Founders

Vicilook was founded by Dickson Cliff Okechukwu, who is so passionate to solve problems using computer and tech. He studied Psychology at the University of Nigeria, but spent most of his years then at school studying and creating things with computer.

He was very much passionate for computer and tech started as a child, he bought his first Pentium 3 laptop at the age of 12 at Lagos, where he was bred by his parents.

Passion and fascination for computer and tech caused him to maintain a top position from his JSS 1 to SS3 at the Secondary school he attended on Merited Scholarship (Loral International School, Lagos, Nigeria), he was also chosen by the school to represent them at the Philip Emegwali Computer Quiz Competition and later bagged another Scholarship from National Institute of Information and Technology (NIIT).

His passion for tech caused him to launch a project at his 200 level (2009) while at the university, which aimed at aiding lecturers at the university have personal websites at very affordable rates, then he went ahead to build a website to aid students easily find and access important things on campus and around campus because of the challenge he faced as a freshman on campus, accessing essential things in and around the campus, which he called

He later went ahead to make accessible by all campuses in Nigeria and then renamed and recreated it as

Towards the final part of his stay on campus, he then created a custom tech for a transport company, Ifesinachi Transport Nig Ltd, which gave him his first office building, courtesy of the transport company’s partnership with him, he went ahead later to partner with a telecom company by the name Globacom as an iOS device software repair guy and then used that opportunity to push a revolutionary proposal to the company via the Nsukka branch, which he called ‘Campus Tarrif Plan’ , which was turned down by a top staff at the Enugu branch by later utilized without his consent and involvement via the staff by nickname ‘Sly’, the telecom company later renamed it as ‘GLO Bounce’.

This caused Dickson to register his first real company called ‘Epignoxis Technology Nig. Ltd. RC1180857 by 2014. He has launched other companies and products via this mother company such as WebCraft, Wiidin, Wiidin Campus Xplorer (Which was later used by the University of Nigeria) and SecUr.

He also launched a security tech outfit which he used in aiding the Nigeria Police Force and the Department Of State Security. His latest company and Product is Vicilook,

He is happily married to the love of his life with a handsome baby boy by name ‘Dickson Jnr’.

Founding Date: 2017-09-24

Industry: Technology, Marketing, Infomation

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Nsukka, Enugu




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