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A one stops solution to plan, organize and execute for collaborating personal life with professional life important priority items.

One of the most valuable possessions in life is Time because it is something that once spent, it can never be recovered. This is why it’s extremely important to spend your time wisely.

SpanMyLife is a platform to collaborate in personal life with professional life. We all are so much caught up with so many to-dos in this fast-paced target oriented life. To meet the target and to achieve the success in professional life, we are so engaged that we forget and failed to complete many things in our personal life.

Life is not about the only to-do list. There are 4 major components in our day to day which really need to be streamlined. 1st is the to-do list, 2nd is being healthy, 3rd is financial planning and being calculative for our secure future and the final one is affordable and transparent offerings which we can avail when we need it.

But how many apps we will install or uninstall to achieve this? How many websites we will search for getting good tools to plan and organize. How many excel sheet we create and keep to track it in future? How many hard copy documents we can keep?

Cannot we have a common enterprise collaboration platform to plan, track, maintain and manage our day to day priority aspect? We SpanMyLife team identified 279 small and medium issues in people a day to day life where they fail to manage it due to a consolidated and concise enterprise platform.

We are trying to solve only major 100 such small problems which actually are subproblem of one deep critical problem and that is balancing and collaborating home, society and office.

Transparent and affordable offerings related to people for day to day needs on right time and right price still has a big gap. The business and professional are putting their effort and money to understand people actual needs to help people on spending right. A close communication and daily engagement can bring more value at both ends.

SpanMyLife is a triangle shape of daily life ecosystem to bring people, professional and business in the close network to understand each other more and fulfill people daily needs via affordable and transparent offerings from business and professional via our offerings system.

What problems does SpanMyLife solve?

The imbalance between Work and Personal Life

In today’s fast-paced workplace, most of us are urged to do more, faster, and with fewer resources.

While doing the job of two or three people at work, we’re expected to be exemplary parents AND have a fulfilling personal life. By the same token, we all have a big gap for health monitoring and financial planning and management.

Transparent and Affordable Offers

We all have many needs in our day to day life. Healthcare and financial needs play a major role in our daily life. A big gap is present between what we exactly need on day to day to what business and professional offers.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

An individual who is busy in this fast-paced world. A person with lots of family responsibility and added up with huge pressure at work to meet the goal.

An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Who needs to offer product or service to people on a day to day basis for their fulfillment.

A member of a profession or any person who earns their living from a specified professional activity and helps people in their specific needs fulfillment as a product or service.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

SpanMyLife is the first one-stop daily life management platform to bring the focus on important priority items of daily life aspect via simplified tools of planning and tracking with consistent presence reminders, and offerings from business and professional.

Superiority of Product

Planners, Trackers, reminder, notification, import/export, digital document store, communication system via email, SMS, Call, discussion, steaming and social share.

Novel Product

Our novel vision is to build an ecosystem of daily life management for people, professional and business to bring them in close connection.

Transparent and affordable offers.

From business and professional to fulfill day to day life needs. Bringing more opportunity for people to balance their budget and needs.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • 13k+ facebook fan base
  • 1k+ Instagram fan base within 1.5 months of page creation
  • 11k youtube video viewe
  • 1k Pinterest monthly viewer
  • 6.5k Linkedin high-quality founder connection
  • 50k visitor in 5 months in our website with an average 24% return visitor.
  • 2.9% bounce rate and average 5-page view by each user.
  • 200 push notification subscription to get our product updates and news
  • 300 email subscription in 1.5 months to get our product updates and news
  • Out startup covered by ScoopEarth, NetyFeed, SmartTribe
  • Strategic Partnership with Thyrocare to provide health offer
  • Got call from Canada International Startup competition and Hongkong RAISE to pitch [Not able to attend as the cost to travel and accommodation for 4 days was too high]

What are your future plans?

  • Setup a strong marketing funnel to generate good sale both on premium feature and health offers
  • We started a small amount of revenue generation. Take it to next level.
  • We will launch paid premium features of day to day management in September 2018.
  • Launch MVP of Span Advert in September 2018.
  • Will onboard more health provider to bring healthcare affordable offering in December 2018.
  • Will bring the app for our platform in December 2018.
  • Launch financial offerings with healthcare offers by July 2019

About The Founders

A techno-leader person with 13+ years of experience in product development, product management, product roadmap. Worked with multiple MNC like ORACLE, IBM, JDA, Logica CMG etc.

He is a 2nd-time founder and his 1st startup was in 2005 which he had to shut down to support family financial condition with his job.

Strong technology person who believes in USE CASE than charming technology. He says it’s important to fit in first and don’t choose some technology blindly.

Think big and build big. To build big enterprise much latest technology will come into the way.

Founding Date: 2018-01-01

Industry: Personal Productivity, Enterprise Collaboration, Healthcare IT, Personal Finance, Social Impact

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Bangalore




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