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If you’re a Mortgage broker, a real estate agent or a small business owner you know how collecting client documents can be a headache.

You request the list of supporting documents via email and then.. it’s a nightmare. Customers send them back via multiple emails, some go to your spam inbox, some get lost, files are incorrect or incomplete…

Some clients churn along the process and above all, you lost a ton of time every time you need to need to collect documents from a new client.

That’s why we created Clust. It’s a beautifully simple Document collection and collaboration web app that you can now use to request, collect, approve and share client (or suppliers) documents seamlessly.

The app is a smart productivity app that works for you in the background so you get exactly what you need, right in time?
No back and forth, no friction, no cluttered email inboxes, Clust comes with great features so you don’t have to juggle between apps anymore:

  • Online form builder
  • Approval/denial of files
  • Secure client interface
  • Integrated messaging
  • 3rd party integrations
  • API integrations and more

Modern businesses have switched to Clust so paper document collection becomes history for all of us!

What problems does Clust solve?

Clust eliminates the risk, the cost and the friction that occur during current document collection workflows.
Because we know that collecting documents as part of your job can get you a contract signed or a deal closed, so we work with you and for you so that this tedious process becomes a competitive advantage.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

  • This product is perfect for professionals such as:
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Consultants
  • Loan officers
  • Real estate agents
  • Relocation agencies
  • Immigration agencies
  • Administrators

and anyone needing to streamline their document collection process and win!

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Clust is a unique solution well-recognized for its simplicity and its modern design, really helping users increase their conversion rates.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

Clust is now used in 50+ countries by small business owners, professionals, and freelancers.

What are your future plans?

Writing the future of document collection!
Thanks to the great support of our current users, we are planning to release exciting features in the upcoming month.
Stay tuned 🙂

About The Founders

Clust was established by 3 individuals who strongly believe that document collection can be turned into a competitive advantage for small businesses around the world. Marie, our CEO has already founded 4 startups and sold one.
Clust’s team includes former managers from Silicon Valley Tech scene. The team is now made of 6 passionate people

Founding Date: 2017-09-06

Industry: Technology

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: France




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