About AidSpace

Manage and communicate with volunteers, create tasks, shifts schedules and reports. Store volunteer data, such as profile information, skills, documents etc. Includes all features that organisations usually apply to monitor, manage and create volunteer activity. Simple, secure and user-friendly.

AidSpace is a startup that helps organisations, advocacies, charities and municipalities with managing their volunteers. Rather than engaging the administrator & coordinator teams, even more, they will be able to work faster and be more productive. AidSpace provides the digital tools needed to enhance activities and communication while doing voluntary service.

We target at making both volunteer management and volunteering run effortlessly with the functionality of our digital tools. Every feature is adapted to an organisation’s needs and made in perfect symbiosis with the workflow in a very user-friendly interface.

AidSpace aims to change volunteer management and volunteerism as you know it.

What problems does AidSpace solve?

The idea for AidSpace came after seeing that organisations have a huge need for better IT infrastructure. Infrastructure that usually only for companies with large IT budgets.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Volunteer database, Volunteer software, Volunteer management

About The Founders

Anders Thingholm – CEO. Founded his first company in the twenties and have been in the digital business for the last 20 years. One of these last companies was sold to ISOBAR, which later merged with Magnetix. Now Anders in running AidSpace and the digital agency Rainbow Riders. Rainbow Riders have throughout the years been very involved in making a social impact.

AidSpace is the organisation behind the digital platform, that assists organisations all over the world to manage data and improve digital processes. Result-driven entrepreneur with flair and passion for business development and creative problem-solving.

I have lived with my imagination and ideas since I passed high school. Not continuing with any traditional education, I have been following the internet’s development since the early start, and my success largely rests on the ability to identify trends and advise my customers accordingly. I always think about new methods, systems, services, optimizations, designs, strategies, market potentials and more.

I belong in the intersection of new knowledge, creativity, critical sense and execution. This is where I feel at home and here my passion and energy are spreading widely in teams I belong to. In everyday life, I lean on an eminent overview and sense of details – developed over many years as self-employed.

Founding Date: 2018-06-01

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark




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