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For a beauty salon to promote effectively and quickly, customers must love it. To do this, you need to build a good relationship with them. You should regularly offer new interesting services, promotions, and discounts, and notify your customers in a timely manner.

And it is important not only to interest the visitor, but also to motivate them to return to the Salon again. On top of all, every Salon faces the issues of managing the customers’ appointments. When there are many customers’ at the Salon door, handling all at one time becomes complicated. Most of the customers move to other Salon when they do not get attended properly.

Hence, there is a dire need to have the management Software that can sort out the appointment chaos easily. The Appointment Scheduling Software or a beauty salon helps optimize customer service by removing the human factor. It forms a unique offer for each visitor, provides the fastest possible response to any requests and needs of the customer.

Primarily, it allows the customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments on their own. They can book as per the suitable timings, anytime and from anywhere.

A comprehensive approach to scheduling software helps you find poorly designed salon management spaces, improve them, and help your business move forward.

Because today there are a huge number of such systems on the Internet, but not all of them are effective, so, here, we are presenting you with the best one.

10 Best Salon Scheduling Software



As a cloud-based scheduling management solution, Salonist assists Salon owners to manage daily business operations. The major features offered by Salonist include appointment scheduling, staff management, Point of Sale, Inventory management, and customer management.

The appointment scheduling features enable the customers in booking and altering the appointments in the calendar. The staff management feature helps the Salon owners to manage employee details, such as their training, schedules, attendance, etc.

The customer records features assist the customers to maintain customer information such as customer preferences, appointment history, contact details, and future booking, etc.

The management software also sends reminders and notifications for membership renewals, pending payments, anniversaries, customer birthdays, etc.

The invoice and billing management feature allows the customers in processing payments, producing bills, and giving information about the Salon packages, walk-in services, and products. The Salon owners can leverage Salonist with per year and per month package options.



Booker as the appointment scheduling Salon Software is here for the Salon owners to maintain online booking, payments, and marketing services in one place.

This management software assists the customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments. Even, the customers can pay on the website itself without redirecting to the new web page.

The best thing is that it can get integrated with Facebook and enables the customers to schedule their bookings from Facebook only.

The marketing feature, like, social media promotions and discounts are also included. It also has the payment dashboard, where the customer information, payroll, and commissions can be managed.

Booker includes three pricing models, such as the Essential package, Accelerate package, and the Ultimate package. Salon owners can choose the best one according to their budget.



Shedul declares to be the best Salon Software for Salons and Spas. It is one of the powerful yet simple appointment scheduling software in the Salon market.

It enables the Salon owner to access every feature, free. The feature it incorporates is; customer profiles, appointment features, custom messages, automated reminders, POS sales transactions, activity dashboard, online booking for customers, etc.

This Salon Software can get integrated with the Facebook page and website so that the customers can book the appointment easily and quickly. As the Shedul Salon Software is meant for Salon owners, hence, its features are outstanding for the Salon owners looking for the free tool.



This Salon Software has several features in the Salon Scheduling Software. Timely does not provide the customers to access online booking on Facebook or the website.

Also, you can manage the customers and offer a customized experience, sell products, send automated reminders, track the performance on the dashboard, sell the products, manage the stocks, manage and set up the free website and manage cash as well.

Timely also incorporates an iOS app that allows the customers or Salon owners to access the Salon business anytime and from anywhere. For those who are new to this industry, can secure the appointment scheduling package via Timely.

It’s Sell and Schedule package provides you access to the features as the schedule packed with everything that you require for managing the retail portion of the Salon store.



Zenoti is the best business management software built particularly for Spas, Salons, fitness centers, med spas, etc. It is the comprehensive and robust scheduling software that has the features to assist the customers to manage and boost the Salon business.

From Zenoti, the customers can manage the classes and appointments, accept scheduling bookings with online channels, and manage to upsell marketing to customers seamlessly.

This Salon Software assists the users to manage the payment and billing aspects of the Salon business via mobile POS, automation, and affordable prices.

It has the marketing automation capabilities that allow the one to secure the customers, improve the customer base, and grow Salon and Spa business.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is also in the list of the leading appointment scheduling software. This solution synchronizes with the personal calendar, hence, the availability is so accurate so you and your customers can schedule the appointments promptly.

You can even access customers’ profiles and automated notifications. The POS is created into the direct Square Appointment platform, accessing inventory appointments, and checkout easily.

The Salon Software enables the customers to manage the appointments, besides, the employees can also access it from the Salon Software to schedule the customer meetings. Several users and a group calendar can work on it to make the scheduling process transparent.

Although the scheduler cannot be fixed on the user’s website, the user can however make a booking button, which could be leveraged to redirect the customer to the user’s online booking website.



The Phorest is the scheduling software that is designed for large, mid-size, and small businesses that include reporting, inventory management, point-of-sale, and bookings.

Phorest has a salon-branded app and cloud-based deployment for tablets and mobile phones. The Forest feature online booking enables the Salon Staff to manage the bookings from the integrated Facebook webpage and Salon website. After booking an appointment, the update gets automatically to decrease the chances of overbooking.

Phorest has the “Client ReConnect” that enables the customers to send automated emails to potential customers according to their already done bookings.

The appointment scheduling software includes the POS module that assists the customers to record every order and sales at one place and manage the cash register. From the stock control module, the customers get notified when the inventory gets low.



This Salon Software is a cloud-based salon management solution that assists to manage regular operational tasks. Versum is best for businesses of different sizes and could be acquired from internet-enabled devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

This Salon Scheduling software provides real-time online appointment bookings in the Salon websites. With the addition to the feature, the customers get an appointment history, online appointment book, automatic thank you messages and appointment reminders.

The CRM or Appointment Scheduling Software module of the Versum assists the users to run targeted email marketing campaigns, integrate their accounts with social media sites, send automatic birthday wishes, and operate a referral and loyalty program.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

This Salon Software is the one that maintains all the bookings and organizes the customers to the best. Manage the stylist’s schedule, and the calendar anywhere you are with the Acuity Software. Your customers, your calendar, immediate appointment management at some time only.

The automatic notification makes you and your customers on the same page to make everyone satisfy the basic business necessities.

Customize the text reminders and emails to the customers for the new offers, discounts, and other important information. With Instagram’s Booking Button or Facebook Business Page, the customers can schedule the social media profiles easily.



Schedulicity is simple online scheduling software that manages the work schedule. It also allows you to integrate the services to your account and quickly schedule them on the time.

On the dashboard, the customers can check what appointments are there on the cards and you can add or edit appointments at some time. In Schedulicity, the Salon owners can handle the customer’s profiles and include new ones on the go.

The Schedulicity software is there for the customers for free. Many add-ons such as unlimited payment, appointment booking, auto-billing, client text reminders, session-based package management, multiple location management, etc.

Concluding Remarks

A beauty salon is mainly about the quality of customer service, thanks to which visitors come back to the salon again and again. Reputation and timely service are especially important, therefore Appointment Scheduling Software is a great solution to keep your business running like a clock.

Besides, today the market offers enough options for scheduling systems, from which you can choose the appropriate option.

We have mentioned the best ten appointment scheduling software in the article. Choose the one that you fit in your business needs.

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