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PAZO is an operations management app that helps organizations to ensure their daily routine activities are carried out effortlessly across their sites divided by geographies.

Without any further ado, let’s see what Hasan Ali Kanba, Co-Founder at PAZO have to share with us.

Here we go:

Q1) Tell us about your startup – PAZO

(When and how did you start? How did the idea come up?)

PAZO is an operations management app that helps organizations to ensure their daily routine activities are carried out effortlessly across their sites divided by geographies.

This is achieved by digitizing all the manual paper-based processes that are driven by people and PAZO becomes a single app for reporting, communication, task delegation, approvals etc.

Currently, all these things are driven by paper-based reports, emails, Whatsapp, phone calls, SMS’s etc which creates a huge problem of communication and lack of data at the right time.

The company started with an objective of how we could keep the security guards awake at night and today we have scaled to the entire front end and back end operation functions like sales, marketing, administration, facility management, housekeeping, security, maintenance etc.

Q2) What are the real world problems that PAZO is solving?

(Why do you think that now is the perfect time for your startup to exist?)

Organisations that typically have their employees spread across their facility and geographies find it difficult to have a tab of who is doing what from where and at what time, especially when it comes to daily routine tasks.

We as PAZO helps these organizations by putting this entire process of monitoring resources on an autopilot mode as it alerts the right individual when something is not done.

Currently, all these processes are managed through manual paper-based processes and its impossible to manage such things from a headquarter level.

With an increase in the level of employee costs and demanding needs of customers for their satisfaction, PAZO comes out as an ideal solution for such problems. PAZO is used by retail chains, corporate parks, malls, hotels, security agencies and smart cities to increase operational efficiency of ground-level staff.

Q3) Brief about the Founding members

PAZO has a strong founding team with people from various backgrounds and rich experience working in various roles.

Hasan Ali Kanba leads the Sales & Marketing efforts at PAZO. He is an Electronics & Communication engineer with an MBA in Marketing from TAPMI. He has an experience of 7+ years in various business development roles with GE & other start-ups.

Zoeb Itarsiwala leads the Product Management & Customer Experience at PAZO. He is an Electrical engineer with 14+ years of experience working with companies like Apple, Dell and Thomson etc. in various roles. Worked on many NFC products in the past.

Sharjeel Ahmed leads the Technology team at PAZO. He is a Computer Science engineer with over 14+ years of experience working with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and many others. Founded Tagtual Technologies in the past along with Zoeb.

Q4) Is PAZO funded?

(If Yes, then how you succeeded in getting the funding. If No, how do you run the show?)

Yes, we have raised a seed round of funding from an angel investor.

Q5) What is the biggest challenge that you face? And, how do you plan to overcome it?

Reaching out to the right decision maker becomes challenging and very time-consuming. We are looking to associate with the right partners who could help us be with the right person at the right time.

Q6) Top 3 marketing strategies that are working for you?

  1. Direct Selling
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. References

Q7) What is your biggest achievement to date that you are proud of?

A very large format organization in India uses our product to manage and drive their entire compliance. We have helped them gain transparency of information and helped achieve an incremental score in the external audits being conducted.

Q8) Where do you see your startup – PAZO, heading in next one year?

We are looking to scale operations beyond India and have advanced features of data analytics being added to the portfolio.

Q9) What is that one advice you’ll like to give to all the budding entrepreneurs out there?

Never lose hope, where there is a will there is a way.

Q10) Your favourite Quote

If everything in life was easy, everybody would have been successful.

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