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Are you frustrated with your lack of progress when it comes to getting the best results as far as search engine optimization? Never fear. We are here to help you with some  search engine optimization tips and even a tool or two. 

Center Your Content Around Your Keyword Research

You want to give people a reason to come to your site. Do research in your particular area and see what people tend to search for in your area. Then write around the keywords that you find. 

Note: This does not mean to stuff it like a Thanksgiving turkey with those keywords. The algorithm will actually penalize you if you do it. Be aware of what people are looking for in your particular niche. 

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Be Very Conscious of Your Titles and Headings

This is an area that you should not consider a throwaway. Tie in everything and it can have a big help on your rankings. Especially if you can do a self-contained answer under a particular heading that google might feature in a “snippet.” 

But don’t answer it in such a way that it is open and shut. That might deter people from clicking on your site since they found what they were looking for. Leave it open-ended by indicating that there are more in-depth things inside. 

Make Sure That You Write Good Meta Descriptions

Ignore this one at your own peril. It might feel easy to just have a quick description for a photo, like “Man.” That does not help the algorithm and it can keep people away from your site. 

Be more specific in your description of photos. It is very helpful for people who might have trouble seeing. It could also help the algorithm find your site. 

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As far as tools go, you need to see which one fits you – things like Exploding Topics, Bulk Google Rank Checker, and CanIRank, just to name a few. Explore those and what they offer before deciding to use them.  A little bit of research can go a long way. 

There are a lot of things that you can do to bring your search engine optimization up to speed and there are also a lot of tools out there that tout themselves as being able to increase your searchability. Do the above and you will be helping yourself get a leg up in the rankings and on the way to success in the search engine field

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