How Can Freelancer Overcome from Work Stress?

work stress

Freelancing has some great privileges! It makes you professionally independent, gives you flexible working hours, you can be your own boss, you can make more money, you have a good network, and much more. However, you still have bills to pay for which you have to work.

Although the sources of stress, even for freelancers, are usually the same as it is for a regular employee, revolving around work pressure, money, and customers, the way it is caused is different for freelancers.

In order to free yourself from stress and to attain a balance between work and life, here are some quick tips for all the freelancers

1. Take Out Time for Yourself

You are a freelancer, and you manage your business alone, it is difficult for you to take out me-time for you. However, with proper time management, you can certainly set aside some time for you during the weekends.

You don’t have to vacation the whole month to get out of stress. Reading your favorite book, going out for an ice-cream with your kids, movie night with friends, camping with family, etc. are all ways to rejuvenate yourself.

All of us want to expand our business, and you too would definitely want to take freelancing to the next level but working whilst being stressed with just set you back with your plans.

2. Work Hard, Not Long

You don’t have to work for 15 or 16 hours a day, instead work hard for a shorter number of hours. Working for a certain time helps you remain focused, but when you are working for longer hours, then you are likely to be distracted.

Not only does your productivity go down, but it also causes stress. If you are working from home, then set your work hours, turn off the television, let your family and friends know that you are working, don’t take personal calls except when there is an emergency.

3. Relive Your Stress With Exercise

There are numerous studies and researches which show that exercising helps the brain cope with stress. Exercising doesn’t mean you spend a couple of hours in the gym.

You can do any type of physical exercise at home, go for jogs or walks, run in the park, play basketball, yoga, or go swimming. You have 25% lesser chances of developing depression because of stress if your exercise regularly.

4. Never Overburden Yourself

More work also means more money! This is especially if you have just started out as a freelancer, you would like to grab any opportunity that comes your way. However, once the list of your clients goes up, you must ensure to get selective about taking up work or projects.

Our body, both physically and mentally, has certain limits, and if you try to go over the board, it will collapse. You will not just be stressed mentally, but your physical health will also be impacted. Define your limits of work, and don’t push to a breaking point by overburdening yourself with work.

5. Always Be Well-Organized

Keeping yourself organized, especially with the kind of work you have, can help reduce stress levels as you would not have to rush into anything in your daily routine. It gives a feeling of being empowered, and when you face situations, it is exciting for you and not stressful.

Exploit the smart features of your mobiles by preparing notes, setting reminders, calendar, etc. will remind you of your work dates or meetings. You must bond your smartphone with your laptop/desktop, so you don’t mix dates or have any confusion about appointments.

6. Don’t Compare Your Work With Others

Always consider competition to be a factor of motivation for you. There may be other freelancers who may be known for their flawless work, but this shouldn’t make you feel pressurized.

Do not try to fake their style; instead, better yourself at your work. Comparing someone else’s work to yours will just stress you out. Stress never does good to anyone. It will just rescind your work ethics.

7. Outsource Your Work if Necessary

Freelancers that are new to their work can do a bit of extra work because they usually look to grow their clientele. However, once their client list grows and the business expands, they should outsource their work.

An overburdened freelancer is less productive, not energetic, and over-stressed with work. For instance, if you freelance finance work and are overloaded with projects at the end of the financial year, then you can hire a person, a freelancer like you, to finish some of your jobs.

Outsourcing ensures that you don’t lose out on clients and deliver your work on time too.

8. Set Your Working Hours

One of the biggest advantages of freelancing is that you can work when you find yourself most productive. However, you must set the working hours for you.

Depending on the type of work you are freelancing for; you can work late at night, working hours can be early in the morning too, especially when working for international clients whose time zones are different, or you can even fix the traditional 9 to 5 as your working hours too.

Adhere to your working hours, although, there can always be exceptions on certain days. This way, you will always have time for yourself, family, and friends.

Use this time to relax or time to your friends and family, or even just take time out to exercise or do something you enjoy. Balancing work and life will keep stress at bay. Being stress-free will always keep you motivated to do your work dynamically.

9. Set Your Rules Before Your Begin a Project

Once you have taken up work or project, clarify everything to the client before you begin the work. Whether it is your working hours, delivery date, payment schedule, or anything that you want them to know, explain everything when you are meeting them.

You don’t want your payments to be delayed, or the client is calling you at midnight. Take some time before starting the project or learn a new craft to review basic safety procedures and the specific craft you are performing.

10. Find a Hobby

One of the best ways to minimize stress is to find a hobby. Hobbies are always fun and bring about a sense of freedom within you. Working people are always stressed because of their work, and hobbies can be a way to vent their stress.

A freelancer’s job can be highly demanding, and you can easily get into stress, anxiety, and later depression. Taking up a hobby, even if it is as simple as gardening, will help you overcome this stress. You will look forward to doing something you like after a stressful week or day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out how to make money from your hobby? Why? Because a hobby is a part of defining you. Most people do not realize that your hobbies can double as a way of bringing in some extra income.

You can build a freelance income in favor of your job or turn your craft into a full-fledged online career. There is a good chance for freelancers to have hobbies to earn some money in their tool belt which they may not even know about.

Indulging in what you like doesn’t just help you unwind from your routine life but also enhances your inner skills. There are several research that shows that people who take up hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression.

Whatever your interests may be – athletic, creative, or something that is characteristically personal; just make sure that you have something meaningful and enjoyable to do.

You are a Professional Freelancer, Skilled at Your Work!

Freelancers look forward to pleasing their clients at all costs, but this shouldn’t leave you stressed at the end of the day. Strive to deliver good work; with time, you will automatically become a perfectionist.

If you are given a chance to prove yourself, deliver your best work by exploring your talents. Take all constructive criticism or feedback to improve your work so you can outshine others in your area of freelancing work.

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