5 Best SEO Techniques To Bring More Organic Traffic

Best SEO Techniques

Organic traffic refers to those visiting your website as a result of unpaid search results. If you run an online store or you are doing online business, you know that increasing organic traffic to your website is one way of increasing your leads and sales. When you make your website more visible to search engines, you improve your sales strategy and revenue. In this post, we will be sharing the best SEO techniques.

Do you know how to increase your business’s organic traffic? How do you entice your target audience to organically land on your website home page? Here are some SEO tips you can apply to make this easy for you.

1) Create Content for a Target Keyword 

The first step to creating quality content to be published on your website is doing keyword research. Keyword research helps you find out what terms and phrases your target audience uses to search your brand and products on search engines. 

When you have the target keywords, you can create content that answers the questions most of your audiences are searching for online.

A keyword acts like a signpost to search engine web crawlers. When you create content with relevant keywords, you help web crawlers locate your website and list it on search results. You can use paid software for keyword research before you start creating content.

You should take the help of professionals to create the best content. Leading London SEO companies offer high-quality SEO marketing services to improve the relevance score of your website.

2) Use Headlines and Titles 

A title or headline is the first thing your target audience reads when visiting your website. Most users will decide whether to visit your website or not depending on the headline. Therefore you want to ensure you are using a catchy title and headline.

A title is the first line of a hyperlinked text that a search engine like Google will show on the organic search result page. When you come up with a headline or title, you should:

  • Include the primary keyword on the title that you want your website to rank for
  • Ensure the title is not more than 70 characters; any text beyond this limit is not displayed on Google search results.
  • Use a number if possible
  • Use catchy words that will make people curious and want to read your content

3) Write a Great Meta description to Drive Clicks 

If you want to drive clicks and organic traffic to your website, you should ensure all your content contains meta descriptions. A meta description is a succinct explanation of whatever is contained on a web page. The description will usually appear just below the page title, as seen on the search engine results page (SERP).

Meta descriptions help to drive clicks from users. Most users read the meta description to understand what the web page is talking about before they can proceed to click it. 

Therefore, you should write a compelling meta description with summarized information about what users are looking for.

You can use tools such as Screaming Frog to quickly identify issues with your title and description. You can find more free SEO tools on seotoolr.com 

4) Work on Website Speed 

It takes seconds for users to decide whether they should remain on your website or not. Therefore, when users click on your website, and it takes more than 5 seconds to load the result page, they are most likely to bounce off. Search engines like Google will also punish your website by ranking it low on organic search results if it loads slowly.

Search engines reward websites that focus more on user experience. Improving your website speed is one way of improving the user experience. To increase organic traffic to your website, you should optimize website speed.

You can start by changing your host, resizing images on your landing pages, and hosting video files with third-party platforms like YouTube.

Common SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

5) Make Your Post-Simple and Easy to Read

When you post on your website, you want to ensure your audience can read and understand your content and call to action (CTA)

Format the content to relate to your readers, and don’t forget to optimize your website for readability. If you want to make your content easy to read:

  • Write quality content with ideas, free of grammar and compelling to readers
  • Use short paragraphs; at least for lines per paragraph
  • Mix your sentences. For clarity, you should avoid lengthy, and wordy sentences.
  • Use subheaders, bullets, and numbers where possible.
  • Use a lot of white space. If possible, you can break up text with images, videos, and graphs.

Final Thoughts on Best SEO Techniques 

If you want to drive organic traffic to your website, you should apply the tips shared here. Optimize your website for organic search and user experience and watch it climb up the Google rankings.

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