About DataForSEO

DataForSEO provides all the necessary data you need to get your SEO software project off the ground. Our solutions are trusted by hundreds of software companies, digital marketing agencies and businesses that rely on us to make better data-driven decisions.

Simple API

Our API is very simple. You don’t need to create projects, add keywords or something else. Just pull us a keyword, a domain, a search engine and get your result. Simple, as 1-2-3.

Predictable cost

With our API you will always know how much you’ll pay. Every task set to the Rank tracker API costs 1 credit*. No tricks.
Understandable stats. You’ll get access to your personal cabinet where you can see the API usage in real-time. Also, you are able to see the dynamics of API usage for the selected period.

1. SEO-software companies. The main part of any SEO-software application is keyword position checker tool. Keeping infrastructure for tracking positions of keywords is a pretty hard and expensive thing – you need to hold thousands of proxies or proxy-rotators, organize infrastructure, hire a lot of developers and so on. A more convenient way to get keywords ranking data that you need is to use our solution: Google keyword position tracker API. You’ll get all data on-demand at a great price. If you are an SEO-software company – you can try our solution.

2. SEO-companies. The basic thing that any SEO-company targets with any customer are keywords rankings. You may have your own CRM or application that you use with your team to track customers’ KPIs, so you need to get Google search rankings. You can waste a lot of time and try to set up some proxies or rotators, but probably, the best way to get this data is to use DataForSEO: Google and other search engines position checker API.

3. Marketing tools. Google position tracker API can be used for different types of marketing tools: some of our customers use it in the content analytics, domain score analyzers and so on. Keep working on your brilliant ideas, and we will provide you the application with Google search data API that you need.

What problems does DataForSEO solve?

Building digital marketing software requires a lot of time and money. DataForSEO can make the entire process much easier.
With our APIs, you don’t have to worry about scraping SERPs, building complex backend systems, and hiring expensive software engineers. DataForSEO allows you to get over technical complexities and focus on what you are good at – developing ideas into tools!

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

SEO software companies, SEO agencies, Chief Digital Officers.

About The Founders

Nick Chernets is the CEO and Founder of DataForSEO.

Founding Date: 2016-12-01

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Ukraine




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Ukraine Office

63 Kolomenskaya Str, Kharkov, 61166, Ukraine


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