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Visibly comes under the umbrella of employee advocacy, however, it is so much more. We focus on both internal and external communications, we capture moments in the workplace, and with it, physical manifestations of culture and behaviour that can be measured.

Visibly pushes the employee advocacy agenda away from leveraging employee networks and more towards nurturing culture, engaging employees & creating a better work environment, so that employees advocate the brand of their own accord.

Online behaviour is changing. Connected, mobile, and deeply distrusting of marketing spin, consumers and job seekers are performing due diligence and using peer to peer recommendation sites to validate brand research. This shift in behaviour is forcing organisations to change the way they communicate.

Employee advocacy has been heralded as the answer to these problems, and rightly so with improved Net Promotor Scores (NPS), better sales conversion rates and cost reduction across the recruitment function. The problem is that many companies that launch an employee advocacy programme do not have the culture to sustain it.

Our solution focusses on internal culture as much as it does employee advocacy. We ensure businesses have the right levels of internal engagement to launch a sustainable employee advocacy programme. We then help them to continuously measure and promote their evolving culture so they can win the hearts and minds of employees, job seekers and customers.

What problems does Visibly solve?

One of the smartest things an organisation can do is to empower its own employees to promote the brand on social, but only if it has a culture to support it. Visibly assists organisations in measuring and nurturing their culture with the ultimate aim of launching a sustainable advocacy programme.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

HR, Communications, Marketing, C-Suite.

About The Founders

Chris Heron, Prashant Shah and Sunil Shah founded Visibly in 2016. The product was launched officially in January 2019. Chris spent 20 years in employee communications and branding before entering the software market in 2010. Sunil and Prashant Shah are both serial entrepreneurs with previous exits in the drug discovery and software industries.

One of the smartest things an organisation can do is to empower its own employees to promote the brand on social, but only if it has the culture to support it. Many organisations want to try employee advocacy but are fearful of the consequences. We support these businesses by measuring and nurturing their evolving culture with the ultimate aim of building a sustainable employee advocacy programme.

Founding Date: 2019-01-01

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Cambridge, United Kingdom



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