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Verloop is a budding conversational automation platform that has been slowly reaching masses by catering to the needs of various clients. The idea of Verloop emerged when the founders, Gaurav Singh, and Piyush Mishra were running a B2C Personal Concierge Startup called Magictiger. While managing a chat ops team of 100+ members, the team slowly started automating mundane and repetitive tasks.

When pivoting from B2C, the founding team decided to offer the same solution to other companies. The idea was to implement Machine Learning, AI and NLP(Natural Language Processing) to help companies connect with customers at a large scale while maintaining the level of personalization that people expect from super agents.

The idea was to use the 80-20 rule in the practical world, 80% of a company’s questions come from 20% of the company’s query database. By automating that 20%, you free up 80% of your teams’ time, allow your reps to focus on the vital parts of the sales process that require a human touch rather than spending time on menial tasks.

What problems does Verloop solve?

Every company has a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks. These tasks consume a lot of the companies time thereby giving them very little time to spend towards integral tasks. For these repetitive tasks, you need automation. Our product enables businesses to automate tasks such as lead generation, book meetings, automate sales-processes, and run various other activities.

This, in turn, reduces the unnecessary burden off the employees which makes them more productive. This keeps the employees motivated and reduces the employee turnover rate for employees leaving the company because they’re overburdened with work.

Also, by providing several metrics and tutorial videos we ensure that the clients are well equipped with how Verloop can be used in the best possible manner.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Since we’re a B2B company, we provide our services to other businesses. Since we deal in Chatbots and WhatsApp Chatbots as well we have a couple of industries that will complement the performance of WhatsApp Chatbots.

Such industries are of E-Commerce, Real-Estate, Insurance, FinTech, amongst a few popular ones that are performing well. Of course, industries like Beauty, Travel, and Logistics are also slowly picking up, by realizing the need to automate most of the tasks and how automation is, in fact, a boon and not a bane.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Verloop’s USP lies around the fact that we’re a ‘conversational’ platform that solely focuses on implementing templates or messages in that form to defer from being called a robotic platform. Moreover, we use NLP, NLU, NLG, and ML effectively to detect names in various languages, process FAQ’s, etc. to name a few milestone achievements.

Also, by ensuring that we cater to the needs of our clients on time and are available 24/7 to assist them and update them regularly about any new features. We do that by delivering various tutorial videos and arranging demos to make sure that our clients are up to date with the various advancements and features as we believe that we should never keep our customers in the dark.

Our entire team is committed to ensuring that all of our work is in tandem and that we work for the betterment of our clients. Thereby, introducing new features to make sure that the clients enjoy a hassle-free and an ever more productive outlook.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

We have seen an increase in our clientele by 1.5x every quarter. Not just that, but we have also been recognized as the most language-agnostic platform by MIT. Our recent plunge into WhatsApp Chatbots has seen a wider client increase and we have properly been able to cater to a wide range of customers.

Moreover, we got featured in the top Analytics Magazine, called Analytics India Magazine. It’s an overbearing achievement for a budding startup like us. Here’s the link to it-

What are your future plans?

We recently introduced WhatsApp chatbots into the market and we have witnessed an uprise in the number of clients. We are receiving recognition from various magazines and websites for the platform that we are implementing. We strive to perform much better and hope to provide much more distinctive services in the future.

Our main agenda is to satisfy our customers and provide them with the most advanced technology which is very imperative for the smooth functioning of their business. As for the future, we are unsure of what may come our way but hope to get more recognition overseas as well.

We have clients in the UK, UAE, and Australia, but we plan to spread our wings into several other markets. Our future mainly depends on our customers and the advancement of technology for us to implement a better product each and every time.

About The Founders

Gaurav, our CEO overlooks all the operational activities of Verloop, such as marketing, sales: pre-sales and post-sales, lead-generation. He also attends various meetings regularly with the top-prospects. Piyush, on the other hand, is a coding/tech expert who overlooks all issues related to coding, developing, processing of chatbots, etc.

Both of them have their own level of expertise in their given fields and aim at the systematic functioning of the processes under them and ensuring that the employees are on the right track.

Gaurav made a switch from tech to product/business during the B2C phase. Piyush, our CTO grew from being a solo freelance developer to a team player.
Once we started Verloop, Gaurav took over a lead generation and sales, and Piyush started leading tech.

Founding Date: 2015-12-15

Industry: Automation

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India


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# 3582,13 G Main Road, 4th Cross Rd,
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