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About Room Club

Room Club is a platform for tenants, landlords and agents designed to simplify the flat sharing and the rental market in the UK.

With a platform for free advertising and easy comparison tool for renters, and a proprietary management software for landlords and agents, everyone can benefit from working with us.

Our innovative features such as instant room booking and automatic advert publishing will bring us closer to our model of expansion. We want to be the OpenTable of the accommodation market in the UK.

What problems does Room Club solve?

Tenants have different needs than landlords, and agents have needs right in between. We tried to build a platform that could solve the main issues everyone faces when dealing with property, and we chose to focus on the flat sharing market (HMO) and the student accommodation sector, which is seeing investments for billions and billions in the UK.

The result of our efforts is now a product that can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the business. We aim to help each side of the market by providing renters and students with a valid platform to help them find the best deals and the ideal solution for their needs, and helping landlords/agents with a proprietary software designed to manage their properties in every aspect.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Our services are aimed at students, young professionals and renters in general on one side, and landlords and agents on the other side.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Our competition is usually focused on one side of the market, whereas we aim to satisfy both.

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • +22.73% Year On Year growth
  • 20,630 units across the platform
  • Over 1,800 bookings a year

What are your future plans?

  • We are about to start a round of investment and funding, which will allow us to reach the targets we have in mind – get to a 2% market share by 2022.

About The Founders

Samuele, our CEO and founder, moved to London from Italy at the age of 27. Being still quite young, he focused his attention to the new generations and how they experienced the property market.

He immediately saw two things: a lack of affordable, good quality solutions on one hand and an enormous economic potential on the other. After successfully launching several commercial websites, he operated a property management company providing help and assistance to young expats moving to London. The Company is still active, profitable and became the base of Room Club.

Extremely convinced that softwares must improve people’s life, he centered his businesses in building platforms and products accessible, easy to use, and that could bring great benefits to their users.

Founding Date: 2016-10-10

Industry: PropTech

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: London




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London Office

169 North End Rd, Hammersmith,

London W14 9NH, UK


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