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About Friend With A

A fully insured rental website allowing neighbors to rent, loan and share anything with their other neighbors.
Ever said, “I wish I had a friend with a… (ex. boat, truck, cup of sugar, etc…). Now you do.

Friend With A is a way to connect neighbors, friends, co-workers and group members with each other, so they are able to rent, borrow and share anything.

Summer was fast approaching in Seattle. In Seattle, summer means sun for the first time in several months and that means everyone heads to the water to soak up some rays.

Late one evening the founder Stefan Cordova was talking with a few of his friends. One friend said, “Man! Summer is coming up fast, I wish I had a friend with a boat!”.

Stefan thought for a second back to previous conversations he had with a few other friends. Two other times he recalled hearing someone say, “I wish I had a friend with a boat”, “I wish I had a friend with a boat”.

It was that eureka moment when Stefan thought, yes! This is what the world has been waiting for, a boat sharing company! Thus the idea of “Boaties” came to life!

What problems does Friend With A solve?

  • Having to purchase one-time use items
  • Allows people who don’t own things easier access into activities which are cost prohibitive to enter
  • A marketplace for every neighborhood
  • Awkward interaction of asking to borrow things and how much you should compensate for borrowing

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Consumer to consumer

About The Founders

Stefan has a business and tech background. He started off his career as a staff accountant before transitioning into software licensing and then turned full-time developer and an owner of a digital agency.

I am a very driven and motivated individual. Some of the most successful people on earth are also the hardest workers. I try to emulate their success through my strong work ethic and determination. I try to learn something new every day and am a believer in being a lifelong student.

A fully insured rental website allowing neighbors to rent, loan and share anything with their other neighbors.

Founding Date: 2018-09-15

Industry: Web App

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Washington




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