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12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting schedule, FAQ, testimonials and more. All in one simple button added to your website

BirdSeed is the ultimate “All-in-one” Online Customer Engagement Platform designed to meet the needs of website visitors and existing clients based on their personal interaction preference or stage in the buying process.

One button launches a set of powerful engagement tools built-in to offer options to the prospect in every stage of the buying cycle, individual preference, and even when the business is unable to respond real-time.

We started BirdSeed because of a real problem. Our founder owned a company which helped businesses monitor their vehicles and while the service attracted many website visitors, only 5% ever followed through.
Even a small increase in conversions would have drastically improved the bottom-line. We’ve learned that many businesses share the same challenge, so we created BirdSeed.

What problems does BirdSeed solve?

When businesses drive traffic to their website, they have many types of visitors – They are in different stages of the sales cycle and have various preferences for how they prefer to communicate, and all of this based on what they are offered depending on the businesses real-time ability to respond.

Because of this, many tools are needed to engage your various visitors and most businesses either don’t have all of the tools needed or do and clutter their beautiful websites, making it difficult for the visitor to know how they can move forward.

We have built all of the needed tools into one simple button, allow the business to modify what is shown based on their hours of operation and our entire product is completely free!

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Digital Marketing Agencies who build a website and typically would be responsible for sourcing website engagement tools + small businesses themselves that are finding these tools themselves.

About The Founders

Drew Sheahan comes from the GPS Fleet Tracking business where he grew and sold his business in 2016. With customers all around North America, his customers primarily found his business online and he was constantly trying to find ways to increase conversion ratios of website visitors to contacts. He built BirdSeed to help them also improve this common struggle for both the business and website visitor

Imagine you want to attract many birds to your backyard and you want them to stay as long as possible. There is no way to know what types of birds may visit, so you use a blend of different foods to feed more birds. This keeps them longer and ensures they remember YOUR yard to revisit.

Founding Date: 2016-11-01

Industry: SaaS

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida, USA




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