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BIPP, inc., is a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make better and faster decisions. Our enterprise-grade, in-database cloud BI platform was developed to save data and BI analysts’ time and develop insights faster.

It leverages SQL and is powered by the bippLang data modeling language, which supports collaboration, git-based version control, and re-usable data models.

Business users can use bipp to build and explore ad hoc reports on their own. They can slice and dice data and create visualizations, with updates reflected in real-time. Insights can then be easily shared across their organizations.

What problems does bipp Analytics solve?

Data analysts strive to help their organizations solve big problems, but they struggle with the SQL tools they use to query databases. They get frustrated trying to create custom reports in an efficient way.

They waste time writing the same queries over and over. Their tools make it hard to collaborate to build data models. They strain to build customizable and editable visual dashboards from mixed data sources.

Enter bipp, a cloud business intelligence platform that simplifies SQL queries with a homegrown data modeling language. bipp introduces the best practices of software development to the analytics world.

Analysts using bipp create reusable complex data models instead of rewriting the same SQL fragments. They collaborate and use version control while writing queries.

bipp was designed for SQL analysts from day one. Its AutoSQL generator enables business users to explore analyst-defined datasets, reducing the back-and-forth between the BI team and end-users.

It connects directly to your database, providing real-time analytics with no additional tools required. bipp treats analyst-defined data models as a single source of truth, forming a friendly layer between your database and your business colleagues.

And its pricing model gives analysts in companies of all sizes access to a platform that’s been proven at scale in large enterprises.

The Bottleneck: New Question, New Query

There are many collaborative analytics tools on the market. Most of these give you flexibility for writing SQL and visualizing it straight away. But we realized the market needs something more robust: a platform built with the data analyst in mind.

With a typical BI product, when an analyst receives a question, they run a query to the database, get the information back, then present it visually. If the user comes back with a slightly different question, the analyst has to tweak the SQL, then query the database.

So there’s a back and forth going on. The analyst has a model of the data inside their brain, such as the business schema of tables and custom columns. Based on this, they’re able to write SQL queries to answer business user questions. The challenge for the analyst is: this gets cumbersome.

The Platform: Speed of Query, Speed to Insight

What if data analysts had a way to take the schema they know and write it in a textual way? This question prompted us to develop bippLang, a data modeling language.

bippLang gets you out of that cycle of tweaking queries for every question. The analyst defines the model once using bippLang, and clicks “Deploy Data Model.” Your business user can then fetch it and build visualizations using an intuitive sheet view.

This frees the business or data analyst from reactive mode. Every time there’s a new question, you don’t have to write a new query. You define the model, and train your business users to be self-sufficient.

When they have a question, they just drag and drop the relevant columns. Our AutoSQL generator leverages that model you’ve written and constructs a SQL query based on what the business user selects.

The Advantage: Comprehensive, Collaborative, Cost-Effective

bippLang enables collaboration and autosuggestions, like any other IDE. But it goes beyond those solutions by connecting directly to your data warehousing functionality. This differentiates us from Tableau and PowerBI.

There’s no middle layer — you’re talking directly with the database. This reduces the complexity of your data stack and improves productivity.

bippLang brings the best practices of software development to the world of SQL with its Git-based version control. Instead of working in a separate editor or GUI and saving those versions locally, you can commit and automatically merge changes from your browser.

Version control turns your SQL environment into a living entity. Analysts have peace of mind knowing they’re using the most modern version.

The platform was designed for SQL analysts from day one. The founders are engineers. They’ve walked in analysts’ shoes and still have the same mindset.

They’ve designed bipp to be intuitive for analysts and business users alike. Analysts are freed from repetitive tasks so they can focus on helping their company solve big problems.

Other BI platforms require you to sign up for a sales demo. You can’t even talk about starting without setting up a $20,000 per year contract. Contrast that with bipp. It’s much smoother, on a free-forever tier (with restrictions, of course).

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

Data and BI Analysts and Business Analysts

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Designed for data analysts from the ground up

  • bippLang data modeling language streamlines SQL queries by creating reusable complex data models with custom columns and dynamic sub-querying
  • Always-free version gives you access to a powerful BI platform with professional support at no cost
  • Git-based version control means analysts can collaborate; all data models and SQL queries are automatically

Save you and your teams’ time, reduces cost, and improves productivity

  • In-database analytics means there’s no need to copy the data into a different system, speeding up access and producing real-time results
  • Single source of truth data models ensure everyone in the organization bases business decisions on the same data
  • Auto-SQL generator leverages joins defined in the data model, figures out which tables to join and generates dynamic sub-queries based on context

Helps business users make better-informed, real-time decisions

  • Ad hoc reporting lets business users explore data on their own; create complex SQL queries with a few clicks, quickly building and sharing reports
  • Visualizations reduce time to insight by allowing slicing and dicing of data with dashboard updates reflected in real-time
  • Dashboards are interactive and can act like data applications, driving quick and accurate decision-making
  • Scheduled reports and dashboards allow business users to schedule multiple personalized reports for automatic delivery directly to their inboxes

Any Achievements or Milestones accomplished?

  • Open beta in early December. Inviting feedback from data and BI analysts to help us build a better BI platform.

What are your future plans?

  • Enterprise launch in Q1 2020

About The Founders

Founder and CEO

Angshuman Guha writes code every day. He uses algorithms to solve big problems and holds 24+ patents for inventions as diverse as ‘risk premiums for conversion-based online advertising bidding’ to ‘determining a text string based on visual features of a shred’.

Bipp’s CEO is clearly a hands-on guy. He’s been in the applied machine learning ‘business’ for 24 years, with a career that includes senior roles with Microsoft, Google, Yandex Labs, and Sears Holdings. Angshuman is a master of deep learning and makes neural nets do surreal things – recognize handwriting, understand forms, predict clickthrough rates, understand text/words, predict the next item your customer is going to buy…

Angshuman is passionate about open-ended hard computer science problems, with a focus on modern machine learning paradigms. And when it comes to BI, he founded bipp, in part, to meet the market – and engineering – needs that remain unsatisfied.

Vishal Joshi -Founder and CTO

Vishal Joshi likes to understand how things work. And make them work better. His interest and work have spanned neural net classifiers to productivity software, massively parallel linear prediction systems to using new-world data technologies to solve business problems, customer support software to web search for consumers. And this was just before breakfast today. JK. It was before lunch.

In a 14-year software career spanning various teams at Microsoft, Vishal worked on a wide range of software products that cover the entire software stack. He was one of the early members of the AzureML core algorithms team and has seven years of applied machine learning experience spanning diverse areas like ad prediction, search relevance, natural language processing in Office, and spam detection in Exchange.

As Divisional Vice President, ML & Analytics at Sears, Vishal was responsible for modernizing their analytics stack, bringing in cloud-based data management, introducing ML, and creating an integration between myriad moving parts of that large and diverse enterprise.

As evidenced in his stint at Asana, Vishal loves building products that make others more productive. And that’s at the heart of bipp’s promise.

Founding Date: 2017-07-15

Industry: Enterprise Software

Number Of Employees: 11-50

Headquarters: Plano, Texas



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