About Aimeos

We offer high-performance e-commerce solutions based on the Aimeos Open Source e-commerce components, a flexible, scalable and completely customizable PHP e-commerce framework.

  • 3rd generation e-commerce for your success
  • An ecosystem for your business growth

Free yourself from the restrictions of existing systems. Use our components in combination with the best suitable solutions available to support your business model in an optimal way.

The Aimeos E-Commerce components integrate perfectly into your environment and can embed the best systems for their area of responsibility.

  • Decrease your costs by an efficient order process
  • A customized solution for your needs
  • Customers order online with pleasure. You can save costs and prevent wasting money by fully automating the order process – from ERP over payment to logistics.

We offer e-commerce solutions based on the Aimeos components that can be totally adapted to your needs and internal processes.

What problems does Aimeos solve?

Aimeos makes full-featured, high speed online shops and marketplaces up to 1 billion items and more possible. It’s especially suitable for complex B2B solutions and TV-driven advertising.

For whom your Product/ Service is for?

  • Developers
  • Web agencies
  • Retailers
  • B2B companies

About The Founders

Architect of e-commerce solutions since 2005, worked for Kraft Foods, Mondelez and other companies

From one pro­duct to 1 bil­lion pro­ducts and more, Aimeos scales almost in­fini­te­ly!

You can start small, keep­ing your ini­tial costs low and scale as your busi­ness grows to #giga­commerce and be­yond us­ing the same plat­form.

Aimeos is high per­for­mance for your on­line shop!

No matter how many pro­ducts your on­line shop con­tains, your cus­to­mers will see a res­ponse im­medi­ate­ly. From a few 100ms with­out cach­ing down to 40ms with cach­ing.Your planned e-com­merce app­li­cation has a lot of non-stan­dard re­quire­ments?

The Aimeos com­po­nents are built for adapt­ing every sin­gle as­pect and add­ing cus­tom fea­tures with­out loos­ing the abi­lit­y to up­date the sys­tem.

Founding Date: 2015-09-01

Industry: Ecommerce

Number Of Employees: 1-10

Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany



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