Why Shopify Stores Must Leverage Shoppable Instagram & UGC

Online businesses keep track of the opportunities & possibilities to grab the ones that would boost their conversions at max. Shoppable Instagram & UGC is one such strategy that has resulted in the perfect e-commerce discovery.

Now, brands don’t have to worry about the number of bounce rates and cart abandonment rates. They are incorporating the result-driven and impactful shoppable UGC from Instagram to influence potential customers to begin and complete their purchase journey with the brand.

UGC has now become vital content for e-commerce brands as their customers become their brand ambassadors. UGC is trustworthy and authentic, unlike the branded content given by brands themself.

So, why should Shopify Stores leverage Shoppable Instagram & UGC to their stores? Let’s find out.

Build Trust with Shoppable UGC

One thing is clear: it has become a consumer behavior to seek online reviews or real-life experiences of peers before making any purchase decisions online. Shoppable Instagram with User-generated content enables Shopify stores to stand out in this time of tough competition when numerous brands are rising in the online space, giving consumers exactly what they seek.

Now, Shopify store visitors can explore the user-generated content to get a real picture of the products. Shoppable Instagram comes with direct purchasing options that give them everything right where they are, making them trust your brand and choose you over other brands like you.

Bring Vibrancy to the Shopify Store

Instagram is famous for the visuals it offers to users. The users also make sure that the content they post is aesthetic and visually appealing. When you create a shoppable Instagram gallery equipped with user-generated content created by your customers, you can be assured that your shoppable gallery will turn out to be vibrant for your Shopify Store.

These galleries will capture your Shopify store visitors’ attention and encourage them to explore the Shoppable Instagram Gallery. It will improve your website dwell time and decrease the number of bounce rates. Shoppable Instagram updates in real-time, so each time a customer will create a UGC for you, it will automatically appear on the Shopify Store, giving something new to the visitors each time they visit.

Make Shopping Friction-free

In every traditional Shopify store, visitors had to go through the entire store to explore its products, and if they somehow like something, they had to go through the lengthy address detail forms and payment detail forms. The process was so overwhelming that it often led to cart abandonment. When visiting an e-commerce store with shoppable Instagram and UGC, visitors no longer have to go through the entire product catalog.

Not just that, the user-generated content act as a trust-building factor for the visitors, eliminating the review-hunting step and influencing the consumer to directly hit the “buy now” button. The shoppable Instagram comes with the click and the buy tags that enable direct purchasing from the Shoppable Instagram.

Give a Social Shopping Experience

 Social media is loved by all, and Instagram is almost everyone’s first love because of its captivating content. Introduce your Shopify store audience to your Instagram presence with the Shoppable Instagram. The user-generated content is already influential, and the shoppable Instagram allows visitors to visit your Instagram storefront.

They can engage with your Instagram content, like it, comment on it, and share it among their friends and followers, making it a fulfilling social shopping experience for them. When your store visitors realize that you have enabled shopping along with socializing, they would want to visit again and make more purchases with you because of the uniqueness you bring into their purchase journey.

Seamless Product Discovery

Gone are the days when users had to go through the entire Shopify store to find the products they wish to buy. Not to forget the endless review searching to decide whether the brand is worth investing in or not. Shoppable Instagram and user-generated content are the perfect breakthroughs of the ecommerce experience.

Users can discover the Shopify Store’s entire collection from Shoppable Instagram and buy the products right from there. Without having to go through the entire Shopify store. Not just that, they come with buyable pins to click and redirect to the purchase page. Moreover, UGC is the perfect trust-building factor. All this ensures seamless product discovery and confident purchasing for your store visitors and potential customers.

Let’s Call It a Wrap!

We finally reach the end of this blog, where you got a better understanding of Shoppable Instagram & UGC and how when these two come together as Shoppable Gallery on your Shopify Store: they bring in endless benefits.

So? What else are you looking for? Go ahead and collect all the UGC available on Instagram, post them on your shoppable storefront and curate them to embed the shoppable gallery on your Shopify store.

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