Why An Investor Visa Makes A Great Tool To Start A Global Venture In Italy

Start Global Venture In Italy

Starting a global venture is thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. You feel excited to break into the international market, but the same may make you apprehensive. After all, landing in a new country is stressful enough, let alone the challenges of starting a business there.

But Italy is a great destination for entrepreneurs as it offers a mix of easy immigration and lucrative business opportunities. Immigration experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend the investor visa route for global entrepreneurs looking for a smooth start. Let us explain what makes it a great tool to start a venture in Italy.

Diverse investment options

Although shelling out a massive sum for immigration sounds painful, the Italian investor visa is actually within reach for most entrepreneurs. You can choose an investment option that fits within the budget of your global startup. The minimum investment that gets you in is €250,000, which you make in an innovative startup. There are other options of higher value, but it always makes sense to start small when you have a new business to establish.

A speedy process

The last thing you want to do is wait for years to take off with your overseas business plans. You can expect it in most destinations, but embarking on your Italian venture is easy. The investor visa process wraps within a few months if everything goes well. You do not require much in the name of paperwork, and there are only two steps. The best part is that you can complete the journey without traveling to Italy.

No funds until the completion

The Italian investor visa is ideal for international entrepreneurs because it does not require actual funding until the completion of the process. You only need to submit your bank statements to validate your investment capacity. They are enough to obtain the nulla osta and move ahead with your visa application in your local consulate. But remember to bring the money when you land in Italy because you will need to deposit it right after getting your residence permit. 

Easy family immigration route

When you set up a venture overseas, you expect to bring your family along. But the investment sounds daunting. However, the Italian investor visa serves as an easy family immigration route. You need not bring extra funds to get your dependents along, and the only requirement is proof of income to show that you can support them. The best part is that they get the entire benefits of a resident without any investment.

Long-stay solution

Another reason making the Italian investor visa an ideal route for business aspirants is that it is a long-stay solution. Consider it a ticket to citizenship, as staying in the country for a decade opens you up for a second passport. Meanwhile, you can establish your business as a resident and even extend it to the EU with visa-free travel. Hold your investment for the period to set yourself and your family up for citizenship status. 

Establishing a global venture in Italy is a breeze, provided you know the investor visa basics. Collaborate with an expert to help with immigration while you focus on your business. 

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