Dropshipping Business Model By A Successful Ecommerce Expert

dropshipping model

If you want to have a successful e-commerce business, dropshipping is the first business model you should try.

It has generated a lot of success stories—the best example being Matthew Lepre, who is the founder of Ecom Warrior Academy.

Thanks to his patience and some assistance from a dropshipping course, he became a millionaire at 29. 

If you’re curious about how he made this possible, you’ll find more about him below.

Matthew Lepre Earned Millions With His Dropshipping Store

It’s easy to see why he views dropshipping as the best method for starting an online store. After all, it helped him earn money—lots of it!

But before he was earning six figures a month, Matthew was struggling. 

He had just dropped out of the University of Melbourne, so he had to work three jobs to support himself and his mother.

Eventually, he had enough money to pay for an e-commerce training program.

Following training, he started creating his website. As expected, he dropshipped his first items: beauty products.

After all, dropshipping made starting easy.

There’s no need to shell out money in advance.

There’s no need to devote storage space as well.

All he needed to do as a dropshipper was open his Shopify store and let the supplier do the order fulfillment and shipments.

Thanks to dropshipping, Matt had the financial freedom to open another online business—this time, selling educational products.

In a flick of a finger, he was earning a whopping $120,000 monthly from his stores. He can travel whenever he wants and still make money from his website.

Matt Lepre Founded the Ecom Warrior Academy

Matthew Lepre knows he owes his success to the mentorship program he has attended. Without it, he would still be working backbreaking jobs and earning a subpar salary.

That’s why he made the informed decision to launch a similar thing: a program many now know as the Ecom Warrior Academy.

He wanted people to become talented and wealthy e-commerce store warriors like him!

While each course inside the program has a great review, his dropshipping mentoring program continues to be the cream of the crop in Ecom Warrior Academy.

Let’s take an in-depth look at it below.

Matthew Lepre’s Course on Dropshipping Rocks

True to its name, Dropshipping Accelerator teaches people everything they need to know about becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur.

As you’ll see in several Ecom Warrior Academy Review pages, Matt’s wealthy affiliate students have nothing but praises for the course.

After all, this popular course is chock full of crucial lessons, such as:

Foundations for Success

Matthew will not only help you run your drop shipping store. He’ll also help you build habits like those that have made him ultra-successful!

Product Research

The right products will help you generate high sales.

After all, you don’t want to waste your money on unwanted items.

In this chapter, Matthew will help you find the best products to invest in and how to go about the selling process through Facebook, AliExpress, and other platforms.

Building Your E-Commerce Store

If you’re a new entrepreneur, you’ll need to drive traffic to your page. Without visitors, it won’t matter if your online shelves are stocked to the brim.

The good thing about module three is that it has everything you need to know about launching your website, including:

  • Purchasing a domain
  • Having a logo designed and professionally created
  • Setting up your Shopify account
  • Downloading the right apps
  • Managing Google Analytics
  • Creating Facebook, Instagram, and PayPal accounts

Facebook Ads Theory and Implementation

With its billions of users, Facebook proves to be one of the best platforms to run your ads. That’s why Matt Lepre dissects this in his fourth module.

He will also teach you everything you need to know about running a Facebook campaign in his fifth module. It includes:

  • Launching the proper engagement and conversion strategies
  • Scaling horizontally or vertically
  • Setting an ideal advertising budget
  • Retargeting ads

E-Commerce Shop Automation

Matthew was able to focus on his Ecom Warrior Academy services because he could automate his shop.

Fortunately for you, you’ll learn more about Matt’s techniques in his sixth module. 

By the end of the run, you’ll be able to automate routine tasks, such as fulfilling or tracking orders.

Ecom Warrior Academy Comes With a Lot of Bonuses

Outside its eight modules, Dropshipping Accelerator comes with bonuses you won’t find in other mentoring calls.

For one, it comes with instant access to the following:

  • Live chat for any question imaginable
  • Unlimited email support
  • Daily group mentoring with Matthew Lepre and other coaches
  • One-on-one zoom sessions
  • Product selection service

With these features, you’re in good hands. You may even expect Matthew and his fellow mentors to give you feedback calls as needed!

Matthew Lepre is proof that you can earn passive income with the right business. If you want to be just like him, then the first thing you need to do is sign up for Ecom Warrior Academy today.

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