Top 5 Countries for Women to Work Abroad

Countries for Women to Work Abroad

Many women feel that moving to a new country and heading to a new workplace can be scary. Moreover, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, it is a great way to learn about new cultures and broaden your horizons after completing your education. Today, many countries have opened their doors to female ex-pats to occupy important positions.

Such nations have gone to the extent of easing the visa rules and criteria of entry for women. However, women are still reluctant to move abroad alone. You will find most women going abroad to support their spouse’s career goals. The countries we will talk about offer lucrative salaries, perks, and work conditions to lure more women from across the globe. This upcoming International Women’s Day, you should have more reasons to celebrate.

Read about the top countries welcoming women ex-pats with open arms.

1. Australia

The first place that you should know about is Australia. The place has amazing weather and culture and has cities buzzing with activity at all times. More and more women are joining the Australian workforce today while maintaining a work-life balance. It is needless to say that Australia was already a great place for educational pursuits. But now it has another feather in its cap. Women can avail themselves of myriad career prospects in the Kangaroo country.

Apart from that, it is also considered relatively safe for women living and working there alone. You will be amazed to know that a measure of a country’s female safety quotient is used to gauge its long-term potential and growth. This means that economic productivity in a country will only rise when women are respected there. The latest data reveals that women occupy as much as 47.4% of essential positions in Australia. Some top-paying jobs for women in Australia are finance director, CEO, Surgeon, and IT. Additionally, more women working abroad means more financial liberty. Today, most elderly generations in developing countries depend on their children for support. Thus, everyone, including female children, needs secure channels to send money home. That is where remittance assistance services come into play. If you are a working woman abroad, do take note.

2. Iceland

Iceland is again one of the top places for women workers from across the globe. It is also a front runner in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index for nine years in a row. It is one country that is continuously working to end gaps in pay between men and women. You will find many women in positions of power in Iceland. Women have also led many drives addressing sexual harassment and abuse. Lastly, you can attribute Iceland’s strength to men and women working jointly for the country’s upliftment. As of 2022, Iceland boasts of being the most gender-equal society.

3. New Zealand

The females stand a pretty good chance there. Many ex-pats working there have commented that the country welcomes women workers from other nations and offers the best jobs. Additionally, it is pretty easy for a woman to start her own business there. To add to that, it is one of the most beautiful countries globally, with a progressive culture and society. Apart from being a great place for solo female travelers, many women find great jobs amidst a great climate there. The various women-oriented clubs like American Club Inc and American Women’s Club in Auckland are proof of the same.

4. Denmark

You will be overwhelmed to know that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Moreover, working hours and ex-pat women enjoy a great work-life balance. You should also check out the figures to get the correct information. Denmark has a 73.2% employment rate for women between 16-64 years of age. The place has a culture of equality concerning genders. You will find many Danish women working outside while men raise the children. Moreover, the country has significant policies for women employees, including parental leaves and tax-subsidized daycare facilities.

5. The Czech Republic

And, finally, we come to the number one country for working women abroad. It is the Czech Republic, where at least 83% of women have found happiness at work today. The place offers the best opportunities with respect to jobs, positions, and work satisfaction. It is also a popular destination for educational pursuits. Czech women are earnest about gender equality at the workplace apart from women’s liberation. It is also one of the safest countries for solo working women. The overall crime rate is also relatively low. You can measure the economic stability of a country based on such factors. Women indeed have played a massive role in its progress.

These are the top five countries that are great for working women. More and more women are studying abroad in such countries and settling there. So, if you are a woman reading this, you can try to.

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